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Tip #14 To Being A Dropified Expert: How To Import Reviews From AliExpress Part 1 (For New Products)

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

When it comes to making their Shopify store shoppers feel comfortable buying their products, smart customers know how important it is to use the product reviews from AliExpress in their stores.

Why is this important?

The fact is, potential buyers want to know other people were happy with their purchases. So, seeing positive reviews of the product you’re selling is vital to helping them decide to purchase through you.

The good news is it’s easy to export product reviews from AliExpress and import them into your Shopify store.

Watch this video below to see how easy it is to import and use these product reviews:

Yes, it’s really this easy to import the reviews.

Here’s exactly how to import them:

First, you need to install the free Product Reviews App by Shopified in the Shopify App Store here:

Once you’ve installed that app, you’re ready for the next steps:

  • Do a product search on for the product you want to import the reviews from.
  • When you’re on that product page, click the Dropified Chrome extension and you’ll get the product popup.
  • Scroll down to the Import Reviews section and select the review filter options you’d like to export from AliExpress (i.e. Do you want to export reviews with pictures, personal information or reviews from your country, etc), and you’ll also select how many pages worth of reviews you’d like to export.
  • After you select the filters you’d like to use, you’ll then select the Shopify store you’d like to send the results to and then click the “Send to Shopify” button.
  • Once you do that, a new “Download Reviews” button will appear with the reviews in a .CSV spreadsheet file for you to save to your computer.
  • Now, in order to have the exported reviews be imported into your Shopify store, you need to upload the CSV file into the Product Reviews app inside your Shopify dashboard.
  • After you’ve opened up the Product Review app, you’ll click on the Settings tab. Then click the Import button.
  • This will open up an “Import Reviews By CSV File” prompt.
  • From there, you will choose the Reviews CSV file you saved earlier and select US format for dates option, then you’ll click “Import Reviews.”
  • Once the file has been uploaded, the Product Reviews app will display all of the reviews it has imported in the app dashboard.
  • To verify the reviews have been imported for the product in your store, go to your stores product page, refresh the page, and the section for Customer Reviews should now be filled with reviews you imported.

That’s it – you now have a store filled with customer reviews to help potential buyers feel more comfortable buying the product from you.

It’s really that easy to add real product customer reviews to your Shopify stores.

We highly recommend you start adding the AliExpress reviews to the products in your stores to help new customers feel more comfortable and get great feedback about your products…

…so be sure to import customer reviews to your Shopify stores today.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #13 To Being A Dropified Expert: Creating Free + Shipping Offers

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

When it comes to bringing in new customers and sales fast, smart customers launch “Free + Shipping” offers.

What exactly is a Free + Shipping offer?

It’s a sales tactic where you offer your product for free and just ask the buyers to cover the shipping charges.

Then you simply find a product that is inexpensive enough to have what you will charge as your shipping fee cover the cost of your item + actual shipping cost to you.

So why would you want to offer something for free, that basically helps you break even on cost after they pay the shipping fee?

For two big reasons:

1. It can be hard to get new customers to buy from a new store online, so providing a really good deal is a great way to get new customers to try you out – and people love Free + Shipping offers.

2. It’s easier to get repeat sales once someone has bought from you, so now with all these new customers, you have a much better shot at more sales from these new customers.

Watch the video below to see how to set up your own Free + Shipping offers:

Yes, it’s really that easy.

To set up new Free + Shipping offers in your store, you simply:

  • Go to and find the product page for the product you want to sell
  • Click on the Dropified App Chrome Extension
  • Then update the product details in the Product Window that opens up, and set the price to $0
  • Then click the “Send To Shopify” button and you’re all set – you now have a “Free” offer in your store.

In this case as shown in the video above, if you wanted to at least Break-Even on your cost, you would price your shipping cost at a minimum of $7.77, which is the AliExpress cost of the item ($6.29) and the cost of ePacket shipping ($1.48).

However, you could also price the Shipping cost at $7.99 or even $8.99, allowing you to make some money or cover any paid traffic you’re running.

Again, the point is to bring in new buyers so that you can sell them more stuff, not really to make money on this item.

Now, you may also wish to have a Retail priced version of your product. If that’s the case then simply:

  • Click off the Product box that you just had open, then click the Dropified extension again.
  • You will see the changes you had made to the offer – now you’ll want to add a Retail value this time.
  • Then click the “Send To Shopify” button and you’re all set – you now have a Retail version of that product as well.

It’s really that easy to add Free + Shipping product offers on your Shopify stores.

We highly recommend that you start adding your own Free + Shipping offers to bring in new customers…

…so be sure to set your own Free + Shipping offers up today inside your Dropified App today.

Happy Selling
The Team @ Dropified

Tip #12 To Being A Dropified Expert: Manage Your Stores in One Place

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

When it comes to running and managing all of their Shopify stores, smart customers manage all of their stores in one Dropified dashboard.


Because it increases efficiency and reduces frustration by managing multiple stores all from one place.

And it’s really simple to set them all up quickly in one dashboard.

See this awesome feature in action here:

Yes, it’s really that easy.

To set up a new store in your dashboard, you simply:

  • Log into your Dropified dashboard
  • Click on the Stores tab on the left panel
  • Then click the “Add Store” button under the “Shopify Stores” section

The “Add Shopify Store” prompt will open up. When it does, you simply:

  • Add the Shopify store URL where it’s requested
  • Then click “Add Store

And you’re all done – you’re new Shopify store has been added to your Dropified dashboard and it’s ready to be managed.

Please note, you can only add more stores to your dashboard if you have an Elite (you may need to pay an additional monthly Store fee) or Unlimited Plan.

So, if you run multiple Shopify stores, be sure to add and run them from your Dropified dashboard today.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #11 To Being A Dropified Expert: Create Product Wish Boards

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

When it comes to deciding on new products to sell, smart users utilize Dropified’s Product Boards to supercharge their product research.

Product Boards are like boards in Pinterest where you can organize your research for different niches.

You can easily add hundreds of products to Dropified and organize them all into boards of your chosen niches.

This make it easier to visualize your potential products and decide on which ones you want to add to your store.

See this awesome feature in action here:

To create your own product boards for research, you simply go to, and then:

  • Find the products in AliExpress you want to save
  • Open up the Dropified extension and
  • Click the “Save For Later” button

Once you’ve saved a number of products, you can find them inside your Dropified App app for review. Here’s How:

  • Go to the Products > All Products > Not Connected tab
  • Click on the Board button on the product, then select the Board name you wish to add it to
  • If you don’t have a board yet, you can select “Add New Board” to create a new board
  • And if you want to add multiple products to the same board, select each product in the same category in niche that you want to add, then click Board, then select the Board or create a new one.
  • To review your boards, simply go to Products > Boards and you’ll be able to see all the board you created, you’ll be able to create new ones, and you can review all the products in each board.

Yes, it’s that easy to create and add products to your product research board.

Then, for any products you want to sell, simply click “Send To Shopify” on each product selected and they’ll appear in your store.

These are really great for organizing your product research and making it easy to find products you were interested in but weren’t ready to sell just yet.

Product Boards are available on ALL Dropified plans, so if you’ve got a lot of products you wanted to review, then make sure you start using this feature today.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #10 To Being A Dropified Expert: Connect Your Existing Products To Dropified

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

There are many users that have started their own Shopify Stores prior to automating the process by using Dropied.

As a result, they need to sync their existing store products with their Dropified App.

Smart Dropified users are able to quickly and easily able to connect their pre-existing products…

…giving the Dropified App the ability to fulfill their products moving forward.

See exactly how to connect existing Shopify store products with Dropified here:

Yes, it’s really quick and easy to sync products over.

You simply follow these easy steps (refer back to the video above where we visually walk you through the process if needed):

  • Find the original product listing on AliExpress
  • Click on the Dropified Icon near your browser bar
  • Select the store you want the product connected to in the drop down
  • Click “Save For Later”
  • Then click “View In Dropifed App”
  • When the product opens up in the Dropified App, Click the Connections tab
  • Then click the blue “Connect To Shopify” button under the Shopify Products section
  • After you do that, you’ll get a popup that says “Select Products”.
  • Once there, find the new product you want connected – select it – and just like that, the product is now connected in your Dropified App.

Now, in order to make sure your product fulfills correctly, you will need to set up your Variant Mapping. To do that:

  • Click on the “Variant Mapping” button on the product you just connected.
  • A new page will open up displaying all of the variants available.
  • From there, you simple make sure that the variant name listed for Shopify matches the variant name in AliExpress.
  • If they do not match exactly, click on the “Change” button for that variant and a popup with variant names will pop up.
  • Select the correct AliExpress variant name, and you’re all set.

Don’t let the seemingly large number of steps above worry you – this is really easy to do and it only needs to be done once.

We made it as simple as possible so that you would no longer have to re-setup your products from scratch.

After that, you’re all set to have the Dropified App take over and automate the product fulfillment from here, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

This feature is available on ALL Dropified plans, so if you’ve got existing products on a Shopify store that are not yet connected to your Dropified App…

…be sure to log into Dropified today and connect them right away so you can start selling them and automate your fulfillment today!

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #9 To Being A Dropified Expert: Unlimited Sub Users

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

Smart Dropified users are able to quickly and easily set up their team members as Sub Users in their Dropified dashboard…

…giving them the ability to take over only those Dropified tasks that you want them to be able to access and help you on.

See exactly how to set up Sub User accounts here:

With other software that helps you run your business, you may only have one login. If you wanted to have someone else get in and perform tasks, you’d have to give them YOUR personal admin login…

…giving them full Admin access to everything the software does.

And that’s a recipe for disaster.


Well, if you give someone else full Admin access – they have full control over your business…

…and not just the areas you want them to be able to access.

That’s why being able to create sub-user accounts is so important.

It allows you to maintain full control of your business…

…and the ability to give your team access to only what they need access to.

So, if a team member ever makes a mistake…

…or in a worst-case scenario situation – if you had a team member looking to intentionally cause harm to your business…

…the sub user restrictions will limit the potential amount of damage that any mistake could impact your business.

The Sub User feature is there to give you peace of mind…

…allowing you to bring on team members to help you grow your business…

…without having to worry about your business being harmed.

This feature is only available on the Elite and Unlimited Dropified plans, so be sure to upgrade right now to one of these plans. 

Get Dropified Elite Or Unlimited Now

So if you’re ready to stop working IN your business… and to start working ON your business…

…then get your team set up using the Sub Users permissions feature and confidently turn the mundane task reigns over to them today.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #8 To Being A Dropified Expert: Filter & Identify Products with ePacket

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

Smart Dropified users are able to quickly and easily locate AliExpress merchants that ship via ePacket fast…

…so they can fill their stores with products that are shipped quickly, inexpensively and are fully trackable.

See exactly how here:

In the past, you had to click on each product, one by one, to find out if the product you were looking at posted ePacket as a shipping option.

Dropified has changed all that.

Now, when you search AliExpress, the Dropified app automatically lets you know if a product offers ePacket at a glance by showing you at the top of each product whether they offer ePacket or not.

No more having to search product by product – it’s now all displayed on your search for you, saving you a massive amount of time.

Just like many of our features, you are shaving HOURS off of your product research each time you run a new search by no longer have to click through each and every product result you’re looking at.

This feature is available on all Dropified plan levels, so log in right now and discover hot new products that offer ePacket right now.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #7 To Being A Dropified Expert: Auto Tracking Number Updates

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

Dropified customers know that their customers always come first, and a big part of keeping their customers happy is knowing where their packages are at all times in the delivery process.

That’s why Dropified automatically grabs your tracking number for you.

Just place your customers order once and let Dropified check for updates to the order. While browsing AliExpress, Dropified works in the background to scan your orders and check for tracking and status updates.

When an order update is found, Dropified will post the update to the web application so that you can update your customer that the order has shipped.

Smart Dropified customers know how time consuming manually searching for individual tracking numbers and posting them to their customers can be…

…and at the 2-3 minutes it takes to manually locate and email out tracking alerts, our auto tracking order updates easily saves you several hours per month of tedious work. That means you can focus on scaling your sales and building your empire – not getting lost in manual, mundane work.

See this powerful feature in action here:

Even better?

You can CUSTOMIZE and BRAND your tracking URL.

Yes, we can use YOUR URL to set up tracking links so that the entire process is branded to your business. We also give you the option to use other tracking URL’s depending on your needs.

What other software allows you to fully brand the entire process from order to fulfillment like this?

Only Dropified.

To see the brandable tracking URL options available to you, simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Dropified App
  • Click on the “Stores” tab
  • Select the “Settings” icon on the right hand side of the Store name
  • Elect “Custom Tracking URL” from the dropdown options
  • Enter your custom URL – OR – select one of the tracking URL options listed

It really is that simple to set up and begin using your own custom URL tracking links…

…so be sure to log in today and set your up if you have not done so already.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #6 To Being A Dropified Expert: Product Customization

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

Dropified customers know how to setup and use custom product description templates so that when they import new products from AliExpress – the products are already formatted properly and fit the theme of their store perfectly.

That means their products are imported and customized instantly, shaving off around 10 minutes of editing time per product imported.

The average Dropified user imports 429 products, and at 10 minutes saved on each product, that’s at least 71 hours (4290 minutes) being saved on new product setups simply by using the custom description templates.

71 HOURS saved!

That’s some extremely valuable time that can be way better spent on growing their business…

…or chilling out and relaxing on the beach.

How about you – could you use an extra 71 hours?

Are you using these templates to customize your products automatically when you import them?

See how simple it is to create custom description templates for your Shopify stores here:

Here’s where to find the product description templates section inside the Dropified App so you can get started customizing your own templates:

1. Go to the Stores Tab
2. Scroll to the Settings section
3. Click on the Product Custom Descriptions button and get started.

From there, you’ll be able to create a template design for newly imported descriptions, and they will be powered through Product Tags that help you pull in the information and fill out the template automatically for you.

So, when you import new products, you select the template you created and it will dynamically import and create the customized product description for you the fly, ready to go in your store.

Even better – you’ll be able to create as many templates as you want, so if you have multiple stores, you can create a custom template for each store.

This powerful little feature will save you hours upon hours of time-consuming product changes…

…so make sure you login and start creating your own product description templates right now.

Happy Selling

The Team @ Dropified

Tip #5 To Being A Dropified Expert: Price Change Alerts and Auto Updates

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

Dropified customers know how to use the price alerts and auto updates features to maximize their profits and minimize the risk that a supplier will undercut them and hurt their business while on the beach sipping fruity drinks with the fam.

They understand that they’re losing money when a vendor increases their prices of their product on Aliexpress.

A Dropified customer also knows when a supplier updates their pricing.

How do they know this?

Because the alerts they’ve set up told them.

Even smarter – they used our Auto Updates feature to raise the price of the products in their store automatically to maintain their profit margin – without having to lift a finger.

How about you?

Have you setup your Price Change Alerts and Auto Updates yet?

Now, if you sell just a few products, responding individually to these changes may not seem like that big of a deal.

However, if you sell a lot of different products, not only can having to stay on top of these changes be time-consuming, they can also cost you money if you’re not paying close attention…

…especially if vendors raise their prices or go out of stock.

That’s why we created our price change alerts and auto-updates features…

…so you don’t have to be left in the dark anymore when an AliExpress vendor changes a product or variant price.

With Price Change Alerts, you’ll be automatically notified so you can make the proper adjustments.

Even better, we created various levels of alerts and automations based on how you like to run your store.

See these features in action here:

Here’s how the alerts and updates work:

If you simply want to be alerted when a vendor changes their prices, you have the options of getting an email each time to let you know if the price has gone up or down.

You can also choose to only be alerted if the price increases (meaning that you might be losing some ROI), or you can even have your price automatically increase to maintain your profit margin.

You also have the option to not be alerted at all – it’s all up to you.

The bottom line though is that you can choose to be alerted or not, and you can choose to have the Dropified app respond automatically on your behalf, giving you full control over exactly how you want to respond to vendor changes.

To set your own Alerts, login into Dropified, then go to the Settings section of the “Stores” Tab, then scroll down to the “Alerts” section.

There you will find multiple options where you can choose what you want to be alerted about and how you want to be alerted.

Now, maybe you only want to get alerts on certain products and not all products. Well we’ve got you covered there too.

We also have two levels of Alerts: Global and Local.

The Global settings will become the default settings for all of your products.

However, if you want certain product alerts set up differently, you can set individual Local product alerts for each product that override the Global settings.

That means you have full control over how each product alert and automation is set up, giving you flexibility to run your store and respond to changes as you see fit.

If you’re not yet using products alerts or pricing automations…

log in and check out your current settings and to make sure that you’re setup to maximize your ROI and that you’re never left selling a product at a loss because the vendor raised the price higher than your selling point.

These alerts are available to all Dropified Users on any plan…

so be sure to log in right now and set up your alerts.

Happy Selling!

The Team @ Dropified