Setting Up Dropified

Step 1: Connect your Shopify Store To Dropified

Have CommerceHQ?

Connect your CommerceHQ Store To Dropified

Step 2: Install the Dropified Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension

Using The Dropified Chrome Extension

Options for Savings

Orders Audit Overview

Dropified Web App

Using The Dropified Web Application

Collecting Products

Creating Boards

Bulk Editing Products

Product Details Overview

How to Use ePacket ID

In App Photo Editor

Orders Section Overview

We also discuss how to connect products to Dropified that are already in your Shopify store.

Products Section Overview

Configuring Your Dropified Settings

Connect Your Existing Products to Dropified

Adding & Managing Sub Users

Chase's Order Fulfillment Process Walkthrough

Pricing and Availability Alerts

Creating a Retail & Free + Shipping Version of Products with Dropified

How To Use Variant Mapping/Advanced Variant Mapping

Custom Tracking URL

Custom Product Descriptions

Using the Captcha Solver

3 Options For Saving AliExpress Order IDs

Improve Customer Service With Order Tags

The Orders Queue - Improved Order Processing