Push the Limits of Product Research on AliExpress

AliExtractor is the #1 tool for AliExpress product research. You'll save hundreds of hours on product research while making smarter decisions for your eCommerce business.

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Struggling to find best selling products to sell from AliExpress? AliExtractor is the tool that's going to change the way you find products for your dropshipping business.

aliextractor product research

AliExpress Product Search
Search by query in AliExpress and find the right product.

Research product information from AliExpress regarding your search criteria, and AliExtractor will extrapolate the data for each product and present it in a usable way. Want to know the sales volume history of a certain product or variant? What about the vendors rating? It's all there in your AliExtractor dashboard.

aliextractor product research
aliextractor sorting

Numerous Sort Options
Find the right product with many sorting options.

Some of the main data points for comparative viewing are Number of Units Sold, Seller Feedback & Ratings, and Number of Product Reviews & Ratings. The advanced reporting allows you to quickly eliminate the loss-leaders and no-sell products, and choose proven sales performing merchandise. 

AliExtractor uncovers exactly how many products a vendor is already selling per month on AliExpress (in units and sales dollars), saving you hundreds of hours on product research.

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Shave Hours Off Weekly Product Research
Shave hours off your weekly product research with refined filters.

When we ask eCommerce business owners about the most time consuming operational task, it always comes down to product research and discovery. AliExtractor users save up to 13 hours per week in quickly finding best selling products, saving favorite searches and comparing prices on 3rd party websites.

save time with alliextractor

Make Your Store More Profitable
Get instant estimated monthly sales value for every product.

AliExtractor's Net Profit Calculator and Revenue Estimator features provides instant estimated monthly sales volume for every product. This allows you to know what kind of profit is possible based on how many units you think you can sell per month.

Did you know you can earn up to 8% cash back on every purchase you make on AliExpress? AliExtractor shows the qualified cash-back amount you will receive on every product!

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Push the limits of your product research on AliExpress and stay ahead of your competition.

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