Dropified vs Expressfy – What do you really need to know?

Dropified Vs Expressfy
Let’s be real for a second—there are lots of drop shipping apps out there. How do you choose the best one for your business? In this 2-part series, we’ll compare our app to two main competitors. Why would we do that?!? Because we’re all about saving you time and eliminating busy work (i.e. all those hours spent researching apps when you could be working on your business). To make your life a little easier, we’ll give you the highlights right here in this article. We’ll review both apps based on the 4 pillars we feel are essential to any business.
  1. Products—can the app help you offer the best quality and most variety of products to your target customers?
  2. Process—does the app offer features designed to make your business process (and life) easier?
  3. People—what type of customer service do you get if something goes wrong?
  4. Price—are you getting the best bang for your buck?

The game changing differences you need to know: Dropified vs Expressfy

1) PRODUCTS—can the app help you offer the best quality and most variety of products to your target customers? A business can’t survive without products, so why get your products from a single source? With Dropified, you can source products from AliExpress, AliBaba and ShineOn—even in the Startup Plan. Expressfy offers access to AliExpress only. And if you upgrade from the Dropified Startup Plan, you’ll automatically have access to 47+ stores, which is a huge advantage over your competition. Where can you source products from?
Dropified Elite Plan Expressfy Basic
47+ more stores with the Elite and Unlimited plans (number of stores does not increase regardless of plan)
  2) PROCESS – Does the app offer features designed to make your business process (and life) easier? Both apps are designed to save you time by allowing you to import products quickly and painlessly with just a few clicks. So what do they do differently? Here’s a quick glance at the features comparison between the Dropified Startup Plan and Expressfy Basic. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is does this app have the features I need to make my business processes run smoothly? It’s plain to see Dropified has a robust list of features, even in the Startup plan. How does the app make your life easier?
Dropified Elite Plan Expressfy Basic
Add Products with 1 Click
Unlimited Number of Products to Import X (With the Startup Plan, you get 750 saved products, 100 product boards, 1 store and 100 orders per month; unlimited products are available with the Elite and Unlimited Plans)
Fulfill Orders Automatically X (Aliexpress Order Fulfillment NOT included with basic plan Semi-Automatic Order Fulfillment included with Premium plan)
Full Product Customization (Edit Titles, Descriptions, Weights, Pricing, Tags, Product Types and Much More) X (Can edit titles, descriptions, remove watermarks, adjust pricing, tags, type and more, but option to upload custom product images, download product images and do In App Photo Editing is available for the Elite and Unlimited Plans)
Price Automations
Product Availability Updates
Shipment Tracking
Bundling Feature
Filter Products with e-Packet
Easy Variant Set Up
Change Product Suppliers
Connect Existing Products
Create Product Wish Boards
Manage All Your Stores in One Place
US Products Database
Automatic Customer Updates
  3) PEOPLE—what type of customer service do you get if something goes wrong? Both Dropified and Expressfy offer free customer support, but when we tried to chat with Expressfy on their web site, it said they were “offline” and would respond within 24 hours. On Dropified.com, 3 customer support reps were available to chat and typically respond within an hour (for the record, this was at 3:30PM EST on a Wednesday afternoon). Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which team you’d gel with the most, since the app becomes an extension of your business. Don’t be afraid to talk to reps from each company, ask questions and see which brand you connect with. Look for an app that strives to offer the tools you need to run your business and then some. At Dropified, we built and tested our app with over 700 drop ship business owners—before releasing it to the public. Every feature was handpicked by store owners just like you.
Dropified Elite Plan Expressfy Basic
FREE 24/7 Customer Support
Extensive Online Training Library with exclusive tools and resources
  4) PRICE—are you getting the best bang for your buck? Ah, price. The section you’ve been waiting for (or maybe skipped right to). Dropified offers 2 price structures, starting with the robust Elite Plan. Or if you need to connect multiple stores, you can get the Unlimited Plan. Expressfy offers 2 price structures, starting with a $14.95 per month basic plan, and the only additional feature in their higher priced plan is the Semi-Automatic AliExpress Order Fulfillment (you can try both of their plans for free to start out, but it doesn’t say for how long or whether a credit card number is required; however you can cancel at any time). Yes, Dropified is more expensive, but you’re getting a ton more features for the money—right when your business is ready for them.  As your business grows, so will your needs. All the features you need to automate your business are there for you.

Here’s a chart comparing the prices for quick reference:

Elite Unlimited
$47 per month $99 per month
  To take a closer look at the features of each Dropified plan, click here  EXPRESSFY PLAN OPTIONS
Basic Premium
$14.95 per month $24.95 per month
  To take a closer look at the features of both Expressfy Plans, click here 

IN CONCLUSION—which app is best for your business right now and which app can serve you in the long term?

Bottom line, if you’re sick of all the time-consuming mind-numbing repetitive tasks and have a graveyard of apps, tools and widgets—it’s time to pick the one app your business can stick with. Do your research, try it out for yourself and decide. But remember, starting with an app designed with features that grow with you will make it that much easier in the long run (no need to transfer your products to a new system down the line!). And as always, if you have any questions for our team, message us in the chat or leave a comment below. Happy app hunting!

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