Dropshipping 2.0 – The Revolution Of Dropshipping

You’ve no doubt heard a lot of people saying things like Dropshipping is Dead, but is it really true?

Is Dropshipping really dead? 

Can you still make a decent living in this industry? 


The truth is “Yes” and “No” 

No, Dropshipping is certainly not dead and in all honesty, I don’t think it ever really could be. Companies have been doing dropshipping since way before the internet was invented and I have no doubt they’ll keep doing it for many, many years to come. 

However, I said “Yes” as well because although dropshipping will never die the way it’s done is and always will be evolving. 

The dropshipping industry has been operating in a sort of bubble for about the last 5 years. The gold rush of people looking to jump in and make quick fortune’s from dropshipping super cheap items from AliExpress and other overseas vendors is beginning to show signs of slowing down.

Couple that with increased competition, a saturated advertising market (a.k.a Facebook) and impatient consumers who want all their online orders to arrive tomorrow, and it’s no wonder there is quickly arising a need for drastic change in the way dropshipping is done. 

So “NO”… Dropshipping is NOT dead… 

…but who can deny that it’s time for the standard online dropshipping model to get a “FACELIFT”.

I mean aren’t you sick of…

  • The LOOONNNGGG… shipping times?
  • The crappy products?
  • The impatient and angry customers?
  • The refunds and returns?
  • The chargebacks?

Of course YOU are! 

…and so are YOUR customers!

But it doesn’t have to stay this way. 

There is an eCommerce Revolution on the Horizon and you can be one of the first to take advantage of it when the sun comes up. 

Just like the early bird gets the worm, because you are seeing this right now you’re about to witness something truly amazing that’s been in the works here at Dropified for quite some time. 

I believe it’s the answer to what comes next in the Dropshipping Industry. 

Instead of doing dropshipping the old way (which still works, but is getting harder every day)…   

…what if you could actually:

  • Create a REAL brand
  • Ship products straight from the U.S. – Worldwide…
  • Promise YOUR customers super fast shipping
  • Sell products people actually want with amazing margins…
  • Sell something people need again and again… (Repeat Buyers!!)…
  • Never worry about running out of inventory…
  • Never touch the product yourself… (It’s Still Dropshipping!)…
  • Sell products people actually need and will enrich their lives…

I don’t know about YOU, but that sounds a heck of a lot better than selling the same trinkets and gadgets from AliExpress that everyone else has access to as well. 

At this point you might be wondering if this is something that is right for YOU and honestly you’re just going to have to make sure to watch the training to figure that part out…

…but let me ask you a few quick questions…

  • Do you want to build a real brand you control? 
  • Do you want to sell a product only YOU have the rights too? As in it’s YOURS 100%?
  • Do you want to set your own prices and margins? 
  • Do you want to tap into one of the worlds 3 biggest industries? (I’m talking Multiple Billion Dollar Industries)
  • Do you want to build a REAL business & brand you can actually sell?

If you answered YES to any of those, you owe it to yourself to check out the Dropified Private Label on Demand plan.

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