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CBD Gummy Sour Neon Cubes 10mg – Mixed

Category: CBD & Hemp
Format: Gummy
Count Size: 30 Gummies

Dropified Cost: $13.23
Fulfillment Cost: $2.00
Your Total Cost: $15.23

Suggested MRSP: $26.96 – $39.96
Markup On Total Cost: 262.38% 



Dietary Breakdown Information









May assist with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. May help with improved relaxation and enhanced mood.*

Key Benefits:

  • May assist with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant*
  • May help with improved relaxation and enhanced mood*

Unique ideas for marketing it could be any of the following:

  • Bundle with turmeric – may assist with anti-inflammatory and joint relief*
  • May provide a more natural way to combat anxiety and depression*
  • Bundle with other immune support products and/or supplements*
  • May aid with sleep and insomnia*

Q. What are the flavors of the gummies?

A. Blue raspberry, orange, strawberry and lime. Basically like sour gummy worms you find in stores, but in cube form.


Q. What is the CBD extraction method?

A. For the gummies, it is a CO2 extraction. 


Q. Who would be the ideal customer for a product like this?

A. Individuals looking to reduce inflammation and/or improve relaxation.*


Q. Is there anything unique about this product that makes it stand out from competitors?

A. Tasty, chewy gummy in fun, sour flavors.*


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