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Training Video Timestamps:
Proper setup for label approval: 1:00 – 9:05 minutes
Repurposing 100+ Template Label Designs: 9:05 – 16:00 minutes
Using the Photoshop PSD Mockup files to create your own mockups: 16:00 – 17:45 minutes

Label Approval Requirements


For label submission approval, your labels must adhere to our Label Template Guidelines & Checklist (PDF).**

  • Design in a CMYK format (not RGB).
  • Upload the label without the “Information” layer (DELETE this layer, including the Bleed & Safe outlines). 
  • All vector text and pathways should be converted to outlines. 
  • Save the file as a PDF.
  • Ensure all product claims are consistent with the FDA disclaimer box ( / *).
  • The phrase “Dietary Supplement” and the unit count need to remain on the front of the label – graphics and placement of it can be altered.

** We recommend you provide your designer with the Label Template Guidelines & Checklist PDF to be sure they follow the required guidelines.



Common Reasons Labels Are Rejected


⚠ Not removing “Bar-Code Zone” text

⚠ Not leaving the barcode zone blank and white (i.e. making it the same color as the background or letting graphics enter the area)

⚠ Not removing the red safe zone border

⚠ Inconsistency with claim notation (using * when FDA disclaimer box assigns for claims)

⚠ Not including full address (or website) in “manufactured for” zone

⚠ Formatting issues in supplement facts table (text not in its correct row, text overlapping with the borders, etc.)

⚠ Inconsistency with form of product (saying 60 capsules when the product is a tablet)

⚠ Not including full address (or website) in “manufactured for” zone

⚠ Misspelled words

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my printed label not look the same as my label file?
    This happens when text/fonts have not been converted to “outlines” and images have not been embedded into the file.
  • Can I customize the Supplement Facts and information panels?
    You can change the font and colours as long as they remain clearly legible. You can not change the text itself. 
  • Can I mention CBG or CBN?
    No, CBD products may or may not contain CBG and CBN, as it can vary from batch to batch so do not mention CBG or CBN on the label.
  • Can I claim my product is Organic?
    Organic can refer to individual component ingredients however, according to the FDA and USDA – only products that are certified organic (which these are not) can be marketed as such. As an alternative, you could say they are Non-GMO or Natural.
  • Do you have product specific FAQs?
    Yes, many of our products pages have a FAQ tab with common questions related to that particular product.

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