MCT Oil 1500 MG

Category: Keto
Format: Softgel
Count Size: 60

Dropified Cost: $6.03
Fulfillment Cost: $2.00
Your Total Cost: $8.03

Suggested MRSP: $12.46 – $18.96
Markup On Total Cost: 236.11% 


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Healthy source of fatty acids. Keto diet support and brain health.

Are you looking for a ‘private-label’ product formulated to support brain health?

Then you’re going to love learning more about our ‘MCT Oilsupplement targeted toward individuals on the keto diet.

This product is ideal for individuals who are looking for a healthy source of fatty acids.

The reason our ‘MCT Oil’ supplement is able to stand out from its competitors, is because its liquid capsule format allows for fast absorption once it hits the stomach.

Key Benefits:

  • Healthy source of fatty acids
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Increase endurance during workouts

Unique ideas for marketing it could be any of the following:

  • Aids people on the keto diet
  • Bundle with other weight loss products and/or supplements
  • Bundle with other workout products and/or supplements

*Dropified is not liable for any of the statements listed above. These statements may be used for marketing, but only with the disclaimer that these statements are not approved by the FDA.

Q. Can we have veggie capsules instead of gelatin?

A. These are currently pre-formulated so any adjustments turn it into a custom formulation. This usually leads to increased pricing and increased order quantities. If we see a huge demand for one of these products but they aren't selling because of the gelatin, we can likely talk with our ingredient suppliers about making the switch to veggie caps. That would be much further down the road though, so for now, we are sticking with gelatin.

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