Probiotic 50 Bil CFU

Category: Digestive Health
Format: Capsule
Count Size: 30 Capsules

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Supports a healthy microbiome and natural digestive function. 50 billion CFU guaranteed.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports a healthy microbiome
  • Promotes natural digestive function

Unique ideas for marketing it could be any of the following:

  • Bundle with cleanser/detox products for a detox then replenish type regimen
  • Market to people who suffer leaky gut / poor gut health
  • May aid people on gluten free diets
  • After taking antibiotics when sick replenish with probiotics 

Q. The Probiotic Advantage is listed as Vegetarian but not Vegan, which ingredient causes this?

A. Some of the strains are derived from a lactose fermentation process. Allergen testing has shown that the lactose is completely removed, however, it is still not considered “Vegan.” Same goes for Probiotic 50 Bil.


Q. What is a high level difference between this product and the Probiotic Advantage?

A. The 50 billion contains 15 strains whereas the Probiotic Advantage only contains 7 strains.


Q. What makes this only vegetarian and not vegan?

A. Although the lactose is not detectable once the strain is fully developed, the original stage of the fermentation process does have some lactose.


Q. Who would be the ideal customer for a product like this?

A.Individuals looking to improve digestive health.* 


Q. Is there anything unique about this product that makes it stand out from competitors?

A.Contains 50 billion CFU of live probiotics which are beneficial to overall gut health and digestion.*


*Dropified is not liable for any of the statements listed above. These statements may be used for marketing, but only with the disclaimer that these statements are not approved by the FDA. 

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