Filter & Identify Products with ePacket

Identify Products with ePacket
What kind of customer is a Dropified customer? A smart one and here’s why… Smart Dropified users are able to quickly and easily locate AliExpress merchants that ship via ePacket fast… …so they can fill their stores with products that are shipped quickly, inexpensively and are fully trackable. See exactly how here: In the past, you had to click on each product, one by one, to find out if the product you were looking at posted ePacket as a shipping option. Dropified has changed all that. Now, when you search AliExpress, the Dropified app automatically lets you know if a product offers ePacket at a glance by showing you at the top of each product whether they offer ePacket or not. No more having to search product by product – it’s now all displayed on your search for you, saving you a massive amount of time. Just like many of our features, you are shaving HOURS off of your product research each time you run a new search by no longer have to click through each and every product result you’re looking at. This feature is available on all Dropified plan levels, so log in right now and discover hot new products that offer ePacket right now. Happy Selling The Team @ Dropified

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