3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Dropified Premier Plan

Dropified Premier Plan
Can you really get enough of a good thing?  At Dropified, we’re constantly in touch with our software users and members to understand what you need to help optimize your time and scale your ecommerce sales. More money (but less time behind the screen doing administrative work).  That’s part of our SaaS commitment to our members.  And we’ve developed three new tools to add even more value to the Dropified Premier Plan for our monthly members.

1. The New Dropified Profit Dashboard

The money is rolling in (yay!) from your ecommerce business.  That’s awesome.  But how much of it is profit?  Are you selling your products for the right price?  Are you promoting products that are essentially loss leaders?  Now that we’ve got you a little worried, let’s talk about monitoring your profit statistics in one easy and new dashboard for Premier Members of Dropified. When we asked over 50 power sellers about profitability, they admitted that they wished there was a faster way to see an accurate snapshot of their sales data.  Minus the cost of product acquisition (including Facebook advertising expenses, shipping and taxes).    And when we asked them how many times per week they’d like to glimpse that summary, they said daily. So, we figured out a way to give our Premier Members a time saving tool, and we developed the Profit Dashboard. You’re going to love how easy it is to use and acquire your profitability overview which will help you make those decisions about loss leaders, trending products and to help keep an eye on your real profit margin.  Summaries can be filtered by day or month to give you data that you can use right away (without having to gather and crunch numbers all day).

2. High-Speed Captcha Solver

We all know why AliExpress has to deploy massive anti-spam security settings.  That results in one of the most annoying (but unavoidable) parts of order fulfillment; resolving an individual Captcha challenge for each… single… order. Sigh.  We feel you. Remember, we’re ecommerce business owners too. Dropified Premier members now have access to an improved High-Speed Captcha solver.  So instead of having to verify that “You’re Not a Robot” for every order you place on AliExpress through the Dropified app, you can speed up the process with our new shortcut and tool. You can choose to manually fulfill each order or customize your Dropified settings to allow for automated fulfillment.  In both scenarios, your orders will be processed and queued on a timed delivery that allows for the High-Speed Captcha Solver to do all the work for you. In fact, you can queue multiple orders and walk away from your screen.  Dropified will ensure that the vendor order is sent and that each request for a Captcha challenge is resolved automatically, as part of your order queue. How is that for saving valuable time (and unnecessary frustration) when the orders start to stack up?  This feature is available exclusively for Dropified Premier members.

3. Zapier Integration with Dropified

When you are a ‘one man (or woman) show’ and running multiple successful ecommerce shops, you need more helping hands.  But hiring additional help can be both costly and time consuming.  Do you know what separates ecommerce power sellers from entrepreneurs who are just getting started? Automation.  It’s the not-so-secret success strategy of big ecommerce stores.   And before Zapier was introduced, it meant some pretty high-level and complicated programming to create administrative, customer support, accounting and billing, advertising and metrics processes.   Zapier takes the difficulty out of automation. Now Premier Members of Dropified can integrate their stores and Dropified user dashboard with Zapier.  Not sure what Zapier can do for your ecommerce business?  The marketing team at Zapier have created this amazing resource page “101 Ways to Use Zapier” that provides an inclusive list of all the incredible integrations that you can set up, to help automate your workflow. What types of automated workflows do some of our in-house ecommerce experts use?  Check out some of our favorite reasons to create ‘Zaps’ with Zapier:
  • Archive data (sales, customer service inquiries, cost analysis etc.) directly to designated Google Sheets. Schedule the update and export of critical data you need to monitor and analyze to improve processes, tax information and profitability.
  • If you use Buffer for social media content scheduling, you can create a Zap that will automate posts you create in Google Sheets, to rollout as interesting social media posts on a set schedule. And use your social content sheet to track which posts are high-performing in terms of sales conversions.
  • Create Zaps to automatically share new blog content (including sales and promotional announcements from your store) to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set up a Hipchat alert for social media listening. If someone is talking about adorable dog collars (and you sell them) get an alert so that you can send a Tweet or DM (direct message) to offer that individual an invite to visit your store, and/or an incentive such as a first-time customer discount.
  • When someone buys a product, social proof inspires other potential customers to consider doing the same thing. So, set up a Zap that will post what product just sold, in this format:
“G. Reese from Chicago, IL just bought [insert link to product on your shop]”.  Because FOMO is a powerful persuasive tool for online shoppers. Those are just a few creative suggestions from our Dropified marketing team, but we’d really like you to check out Zapier (there are free and paid memberships) to explore how the integration with Dropified can help our Premier Members save time and money.  We promise, it’s like phenomenal cosmic powers of super cool automation, in a new integration we know our members are going to love. If you are currently on the Builder Plan, there is an affordable option to upgrade to our Dropified Premier Plan Membership with a significantly discounted annual plan. Enjoy 12-months of using our top-level tools to grow your business. Need help deciding what Dropified membership level is right for you?  Visit our support page and jump into SLACK with our team.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions.   And thank you for choosing Dropified, our leading international SaaS tool for ecommerce business owners. Upgrade to PREMIER

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