Dropship Your Own Brand Of Products On-Demand From The US

The Dropified® Private Label On Demand “PLOD” Plan is designed for online entrepreneurs who want to dropship their own brand.

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dropified private label on demand plan

Sell Your Own Private Label Supplements, CBD, Skin Care, Coffee & More
With “ZERO” Upfront Inventory Costs.

proven products high margins

Proven Products With High Margins
Profit margins of up to 477% leaves you tons of room to test your marketing ideas & strategies.

Scale your eCommerce business by offering your customers consumable products in the fastest growing industries of Supplements, Skin Care and CBD.

See our 2021 Product Catalog.

dropship us made products

U.S.A. Made Consumable Products
Sell top quality products made in the United States.

We use the highest quality ingredients we can find. Book a call to learn more and see our catalog of 80+ high quality products today!

Watch this short video interview with one of our partners regarding FDA Registration and GMP Certification.

dropship us made products
test unlimited brands and labels

No Minimum Order Quantities 
Only pay for what you sell. NO pre-paid inventory, NO minimums and NO labeling costs.

Test unlimited product ideas and brands (100% unique to you) without forking over thousands to invest in inventory and labeling costs for just ONE product idea and brand.

You don’t pay for anything related to the product until your customers have purchased directly from you.  Our software automates the entire process so you never even have to handle any of the product storage, packaging, fulfillment and shipping yourself. 

products ship within days

Your Products Ship In Days
Your branded products are labeled, packaged, and delivered to your customers in just days.

Our super fast shipping times and low cost rates will be the envy of fellow competitors. It's the next best thing to Amazon Prime.

products ship within days

Profit Simulation Calculator
We've made it incredibly easy for you to see your profits and plan your financial future.

To see your current and future potential profits, simply choose your product, and enter your selling price and how many items you project you will sell per day.

See Your Potential Profits
private label on demand masterclass training

Masterclass Level Training (Optional)
If you need more guidance, you have the option to purchase our Masterclass training. The main focus of the Masterclass videos is helping you get your products to market:

Setting Up Your Store
Adding your custom branded products to your eCommerce store.
Designing Your Brand
We cover aspects of design, building your brand and leveraging the power of layer marketing.

Building A Sales Funnel
Increase your AOV by offering your customers upsells and downsells.

Marketing Creatively
Thinking outside of the main platform that everyone is fixated on (ahem, Facebook).

private label on demand masterclass training

Sell Supplements, Skin Care Products and CBD literally on demand.
NO label costs, NO storage fees, NO packing fees, NO minimum commitments, NO product pre-purchase requirements, and NO cash flow headaches.


What support and guidance are provided?

We have several options for helping you with both our platform and your business. You'll have access to our 24/7 chat or email options to connect with our customer support team. Additionally, you can schedule a call with our Customer Success team to help guide you in the right direction. Finally, join us and other members in our exclusive Facebook group for collaboration, marketing tips and support.

How do I know if the products are quality?

All of our products are manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility in the USA. In our product catalog, you will also see that each product has an associated Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) – we also provide 3rd Party COA’s as well to ensure product quality. Additional to the final tested product, all of the raw materials are tested prior to encapsulation or tableting. In plain English, we use the highest quality ingredients we can find while keeping your profit margins high.

What products do you offer?

Click here to get our 2021 product catalog. If you want a further explanation and for us to answer any questions you have regarding our Private Label on Demand plan, schedule a zoom call with our Customer Success team.

How do I handle returns?

Returns in this industry are tricky… can it be done? Yes. Is it advised? Not really. What we recommend is having an excellent guarantee and refund policy in order to gain customer confidence. From there, in most cases you would look at refunding the customer. Why? Mainly, with consumables there is no guarantee that the product could be returned and resold in the first place. There are also costs associated with a return, shipping (the customer or business owner) as well as a restocking fee. The restocking fee would come into play if the products were not opened or tampered with in any way. Due to all of this, you are best off refunding the customer, moving on, and considering it marketing dollars well spent.

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