A Proven Dropshipping Launch System That's Easier, Faster & More Fun!

Introducing… The Rapid Launch System + DROPIFIED SOFTWARE BUNDLE

This is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to launch their online business in record time, position themselves in an online business in ultra-fast growth industry online business in , finish each week satisfied with their progress, all while enjoying more time for what they care about most.

The Definitive System For Anyone Who Wants To Use Dropshipping To Earn More, Work Less And Run Your Business From Anywhere.

The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System from Dropified™

The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™ reveals my philosophy and system for creating your online automation dropshipping machine…

Along with what to sell, where and how to sell it.

The only reason we recorded the training in the first place was because, after teaching it to a few of our members and seeing them have the big aha moments…

It became blindingly obvious:

We had to share this with our new clients to help them get even better results – in far less time.

Now, whenever someone asks how to launch a dropshipping business, this is the first thing we get them to go through.

To me, it’s a requirement of success to go through this when they are starting out so they steer clear of overwhelm and can move fast getting the “right” stuff done.

I’ll share the incredible results people are experiencing in just a sec, but first…

Here's What You'll Find Inside The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™

The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™ from Dropified consists of 2 critical pieces, each one having a defined purpose:

1. [CRITICAL] The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System Blueprint & Video Training To Walk You Through The System and What To Do First, Next And So On.

2. [CRITICAL] A One-on-One Strategy Call With A Dropified Coach To Help You Get Started Off With Fast Results


Plus a “cheat sheet” reference, templates and other supporting materials to make implementing it dead simple.

You’ll watch as I walk you through the entire system – step by step – with examples of everything. You’ll be equipped with the very best system for launching a dropshipping business from scratch that I’ve ever known…

Within the first day of using it, you’ll already start feeling more confident and prepared for launching your own dropshipping business.

A week in, you’ll notice yourself gaining momentum because you’re actually following a system and starting to move the needle on your goals…

And by the end of the first month, you’ll be off and running, building your automated lifestyle business to enable you to work less and earn more.

It’s amazing how much things can change in such a short period of time…

You could create a business where you can quit your day job and work for yourself.

You can work at home or travel the world.

You can create a business that generates cash to pay your bills, supports your lifestyle and one that enables you the freedom to hang out with your friends and spend more time with your family…

…AND enables you to do all the things you actually care about, you know, the things that truly fulfill you.

Eventually, you can even have this business basically run itself with you acting as the overseer, ensuring that all your systems are running smoothly.

Of course, you will need to tweak things from time to time but you can create a business that you have control over.

Even better are the effects on your bottom line, since you’re building a dropshipping automation system designed to scale and generate more cash without working more hours.

  • A critical piece you must implement at the VERY BEGINNING to get momentum fast and grow your confidence in generating sales (hardly any new founders do this – yet it is a game-changer for getting results).
  • The “head trash” latched onto most entrepreneurs brains… and the dead-simple way to protect yourself from it (easy fix, and super important if you feel overwhelmed).
  • My exact “transition” process to going full time with your dropshipping business without putting you or your family at risk.
  • ​How to create your “daily map”… and the piece you must include every time to keep your focus trained on what matters most.
  • ​How to set up repeatable systems of finding proven products, testing and scaling.
  • ​The 2 non-negotiable areas to launching and growing a successful dropshipping business and how to get results 10x quicker than most dropshippers.
  • ​The “Pilot Founder” model that reveals exactly where you are now and the path you need to take to reach profitability.
And that’s not all…
When you order the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™ today, you’ll also receive…

The Best Bonus You’ve Ever Seen

What All Is Included in the Dropified Automation Platform Bonus?

Retro Pro Lifetime Plan BONUS

Unlimited Orders, Unlimited Products + (18) time & money saving dropshipping tools

These tools are normally only offered via monthly subscription. But this is an opportunity to get access to the tools the dropshipping pros use included as a FREE Bonus with your purchase of the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™.

  • Unlimited Orders
  • ​Unlimited products
  • Sell on FB Marketplace & e-commerce platforms
  • Auto Fulfill from eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress
  • List products from 50+ retail platforms
  • 3 store integrations
  • Rapid ordering with the AliExpress/ Alibaba API
  • Organize product research with Product Boards
  • Automate pricing markups
  • Community support

Here's A Detailed Breakdown Of Everything Included With Your Retro Lifetime Plan

Each One Of The Tools Below Saves You Either Time Or Money & Lets You Focus On What Matters In Your Business!

1. Add Products In Seconds
(value: $120/year)

Quickly add products to your online store* from Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay and 50+ other supported sites.

Or, start out by listing products with the new Facebook Marketplace lister.

* Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, CommerceHQ, GrooveKart, Facebook Marketplace

2. Place Unlimited Orders, Automatically
(value: $360/year)

No more copy and pasting order details. Easily send them right to your AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay suppliers.

Place multiple orders to AliExpress and Alibaba in one click. Don't waste time placing orders manually. Place 100's of orders in a minute.

3. Sell Your Products For FREE On Facebook Marketplace
(value: $600/year)

In addition to your store(s), you can easily list and market the same products you have on your store to the additional channel of Facebook Marketplace and still dropship the products! Access huge amounts of FREE traffic or very affordable options to help market and sell your killer products.

4. Find, Import and Edit Unlimited Products
(value: $420/year)

Easily import new products from 50+ vendors. Edit product details, remove backgrounds, and make them unique or custom to your selling platform all within Dropified. You can also edit the product's images directly within Dropified and have the updates saved instantly to your selling platform.

5. Rapid Ordering API + Tracking Numbers Are Automatically Sent To Your Customers
(value: $120/year)

Dropified processes orders extremely fast with our Rapid Ordering API for AliExpress and AliBaba, saving you time and money to spend elsewhere. When your product is shipped, Dropified can automatically sync with your supplier and send the tracking number to your customers.

6. Organize Product Research with Product Boards
(value: $180/year)

With Custom Product Boards™, you can now save the killer products you discover to Dropified product boards with one click for easy category management, similar to how you would use Pinterest.

7. Product Import Templates
(value: $60/year)

Product Import Templates save you time and reinforce brand messaging, by allowing you to create custom product description templates for any product that you import with the Product Connector™.

That's not all! Keep Scrolling!

One Click Sourcing™ (value: $60/year)

Product Import Templates save you time and reinforce brand messaging, by allowing you to create custom product description templates for any product that you import with the Product Connector™.

Product Connector™ (value: $120/year)

The Product Connector™ is powered by our unique Chrome extension that utilizes APIs to connect products that you want to sell. Test and validate potential winning products from the best marketplaces (AliExpress, AliBaba, eBay, and more) on your favorite Ecommerce platforms.

Dropified AliExpress API™ (value: $360/year)

This powerful Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary, allows AliExpress and Dropified 2.0 to talk to each other. This means you can completely eliminate the need for a Chrome extension. Orders will be processed incredibly quickly, and tracking information will automatically sync to Dropified via API without any manual action.

Alibaba Dropshipping™ (value: $120/year)

We developed a full partnership with Alibaba that is specifically designed for dropshipping, so you can also test and validate new products one at a time. Let this partnership handle all the logistics to prove and validate just how AWESOME your newest sourced product is before you make bulk purchases.

Default Shipping Options™ (value: $60/year)

Save time and reduce errors by specifying your desired shipping option as the default for order processing. In addition, if you need a different option for certain products, you can also override the default shipping option within Dropified’s ProVariant™ options.

Advanced Product Editor(value: $120/year)

The Advanced Product Editor gives you control over all of your product information to create the best listing possible. Customize your product’s title, write high-converting and compelling product descriptions, manage and test customer pricing, and add your product tags to make your catalog management easier.

Product Archiver™ (value: $60/year)

Want to revert to your supplier’s original product description? Now you can with the Product Archiver™. Save the original product information inside the Dropified Portal so you can always reference it later whenever you’d like.

Product Image Editor™(value: $180/year)

Edit product images directly within Dropified and have the updates saved instantly. Add text, remove supplier logos, adjust image brightness and contrast, crop and add effects with just a few clicks.

Custom Product Images™ (value: $120/year)

Want to use an external image editor to create custom or lifestyle images? No problem! Easily upload your own images to product listings to make them pop with your own designs and branding.

Instant Image Downloader™(value: $60/year)

Download your favorite product images so you can post them to social media or make adjustments on your favorite editing platforms.

Order X-Ray™(value: $120/year)

Order X-Ray™ is a dashboard that provides an overview of your customer orders. View and control all your important customer order information from one place. In Order X-Ray™ you can easily search or filter by status, date and more.

Yes! Show Me How to Launch My Own Dropshipping Business

Just $297 to GAIN MORE CONTROL Today or Your Money Back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dropshipping? Is it a good business to pursue?

The biggest companies in the world use dropshipping. Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart and thousands more.

Dropshipping simply lets you sell products to your customers without having to buy the product inventory upfront.
Instead, you just post information (images, description, price) about the product and after the customer pays you, you then pay a wholesaler to send the product to the customer on your behalf.
The opportunity is HUGE because anyone can now pursue an online business without a huge investment in infrastructure or product inventory.
I’ve heard of “Dropshipping”. Is it oversaturated?

Dropshipping is E-commerce… and E-commerce is growing rapidly and is expected to continue that growth for quite some time.

  • ​A One-on-One Strategy Call With A Dropified Coach To Help You Get Started Off With Fast Results.
  • ​Mobile commerce continues to grow like crazy. In 2021, $3.56 Trillion in retail ecommerce sales were made from mobile users (Statista).
  • ​58.4% of internet users buy something online every week. The current categories with more spending are consumer electronics ($988.4 billion) and fashion ($904.5 billion). (Datereportal).
  • ​According to companies, retail sales revenue from physical stores are almost equal to their digital sales (Shopify). As a result, brands are investing in omnichannel tools that will help them sell anywhere.
Who is the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System best suited to?
Thousands of moms, dads, entrepreneurs, E-com store owners, everyday people, and others already have Dropified tools and training helping them to run and manage their dropshipping business, draining away stress and freeing up time and energy for what they care about most…
So if you run or want to launch your own dropshipping business… or you’re on the team for someone who does… this is perfect for you.
But of course, the reality is, anyone who is looking for another option to earn a living will get a lot out of it.
Especially if you are tired of working where you currently are and are ready to try something else where you have more say in how things are run and how you spend your time.
What makes the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System different from every other training and software out there?
There’s 2 things that separate the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System from anything else out there… 
There’s the PHILOSOPHY behind the system… 
It allows you to think about launching your business in a way that doesn’t put pressure on you to make it all work tomorrow and guides you to transition in the least risky way possible.
And then there’s the SEQUENCE you use each of its components.
You may have already heard of a sole component of the system… but just because you have one ingredient doesn’t mean you’ll cook an amazing meal.
Remember, there’s synergy in the recipe.
And this is a world-class recipe.
I’m already using Dropified or something similar… will I get something out of this?
Yes, I believe so. 
First, the automation software bonus itself, in my opinion, is worth 5x the cost of this system.
Second, the blueprints and training videos show our unique approach to having success in your dropshipping business.
It’s literally impossible NOT to get a ton of value from this.
How long does it take to get up and running with this system?
You can literally get started today…
As you go through the video training, you’ll find it’s quite straightforward to get started and gain momentum quickly.
And if you get stuck and don’t know how to do something at first, there are many resources to help guide you.
But you’ll be reaping the benefits of this training and software early on.
How much time does this require from me to run?
The great thing about this is that it is your business and you get to make those choices.
Some people have the extra time and want to move really fast.
Some people need more time so they take it at a slower pace.
One of the first trainings that you’ll go through gives you easy frameworks to identify where you are and the path to take.
Once a week you’ll want to dedicate at least an hour to it – which will start to compound over time as you implement the systems and create the assets for your business. 
The amount of time you’ll save over the coming weeks, months and years is truly staggering. 
Think about it. Moving the important stuff forward at a faster pace than ever… culling away the stuff that doesn’t really matter… actually having time to spend away from work guilt-free (so you can still show up for the people you care about). 
I’ve tried my share of programs but can never seem to stick to anything, is this even worth my time?
We’ve had several clients and customers tell us that this is the first online business they’ve been able to sustain long-term.
Why is that?
Aside from the fact that E-com straight up WORKS…
It’s a lean, easy to follow process (no time wasted on things that don’t impact your ability to produce)…
It unlocks new levels of clarity (wiping away overwhelm and increasing your drive)…
It makes prioritization 100x easier (and as you use the system more, it gets even easier)…
It releases the stress valve (you don’t need to go out of your mind to achieve)…
Plus – when you start getting early wins, it can be addictive 🙂
I procrastinate and get distracted constantly. Will Dropshipping Rapid Launch System help me?
Almost definitely.
If you’re feeling stuck where you currently are in life, it’s likely one of THREE things is to blame:
1. You’re lacking clarity. You don’t know exactly where you want to go and what you need to do to get there… or you’re attempting to do things that don’t actually serve your goals.
When it’s crystal clear what you need to do, when, and why… and you have proper systems and automations in place… it’s only natural that you move closer each day to reaching your goals of creating fulfillment and freedom.
2. You’re terrified of what you need to do. Which means either you’re not equipped for what you want to achieve… or fears and head trash are getting in the way. If it’s the latter, the video training (which is included) can help with that.
3. You are scared of the unknown. One thing I’ve found about change and people is that most all of us are scared of what we don’t know.
It feels like jumping off a cliff not knowing if there are jagged rocks below or a soft cushy trampoline waiting for you.
While there are always unknowns, it helps to know how others have achieved success.
In one of the first training videos, you’ll hear exactly how I went from working full time at a job I was miserable at to running a business that ranked #55 in the fastest growing companies in the US in 2019.
I’ve found, that for most people, something magical in their brain clicks when they see the path that others have taken who have achieved their big goals.
It’s like the story of the 4 minute mile. For years no one thought it was possible. Then Roger Bannister did it and 46 days later it was broken again. Then 3 more times within the next year.
There’s something powerful that happens when you see that someone else has done it.
The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System will absolutely help you do that.
What do I actually get when I purchase today?
The brand-new, revamped Dropshipping Rapid Launch System video trainings & blueprint
 ✅ A One-on-One Strategy Call With A Dropified Coach To Help You Get Started Off With Fast Results
 ✅ Cheat sheets and other supporting materials
 ✅ BONUS: Dropified Dropshipping Automation Software Platform (value: $597)
All for $297. Crazy, I know.
What was that guarantee you mentioned?
The Dropshipping Rapid Launch System comes with a 90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
That means you can put it through its paces over the next 3 months… 
If you’re like almost everyone who has adopted the system and software, you’ll be over the moon with the results you’re seeing.
But if somehow you don’t experience a significant lift in your traction, I insist you contact us for a full refund of your purchase price.
No questions, hassles or hoops to jump through. 
You can reach our team by email at support@dropified.com and we’ll rush to refund 100% of your purchase price.
This sounds fantastic! How do I get started?
It’s dead-simple. Just click the button below…
…complete the quick and easy checkout process…
And moments after you finish, you’ll receive an email granting instant digital access to the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System and your bonus Dropshipping Automation Software Platform.

Yes! I’m Now Ready to Tap Into My Full Potential

Get the Dropshipping Rapid Launch System & Automation Software For just $297! (value: $4,518)

Location: United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months

Love Dropified. I use it for two of my stores and saved me a lot of time with fulfilling orders and the other features the app hods. Support has been amazing as well. Greg replies in seconds and is always available to help me whenever I run into some problems. Thanks again and highly recommend it.

Lingerie Lite
Location: United States
Time spent using app: 29 days

Easy to use especially for me since I am a beginner in this arena. Ease of use was paramount for me so I didn't waste time working on transferring products when I could be doing something else. Training is second to none also.

Beanie Helmets
Location: Cyprus
Time spent using app: Almost 4 years

Kevin and the team are the BEST!!!!! They helped me BIG TIME with complicated account issues and data migration to the new account. Some heavy lifting was involved and they took it upon themselves to fix everything. I'm truly grateful for their service and support. Been using Dropified app since 2017 and never looked back. Awesome company to work with. 5-Stars well deserved!!

Location: Sweden
Time spent using app: About 1 hour

First I just tried this app out of curiosity, but soon enough was surprised by the ease of use and great services it offers. Apart from that, customer service is quick, accurate, and informative so as to they walk you through different necessary steps of the process. Specifically, I talked to Greg and he was pleasantly kind and supportive.

Here's Exactly What You Get Today When You Claim the Dropified Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™ For Just $4,518 $297!

The brand-new, revamped Dropshipping Rapid Launch System™ blueprint & video training (value: $997).

A One-on-One Strategy Call With A Dropified Coach To Help You Get Started Off With Fast Results (value: $97).

Cheat sheets and other supporting materials (value: $124).

BONUS: Dropified Dropshipping Automation Software Platform (value: $3,300).

Get Instant Digital Access Now

For a one time payment of $297! (value: $4,518)

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