Connect Your Shopify Store to Dropified

connect your shopify store

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

Dropified makes it easy to connect one, or multiple e-commerce stores within the app. In under thirty-seconds, you can connect your Shopify store to Dropified, and start adding merchandise to your website.

Watch our short tutorial, while we demonstrate where to find the correct URL on Shopify, and how to quickly add your store to the ecommerce dashboard.

Remember to enter the version of the domain, to connect the app to your website. Then you are ready to get started by adding new merchandise to your shop.

6 thoughts on “Connect Your Shopify Store to Dropified

    • Avatar
      Kevin says:

      Hi Kaeto,
      Dropified (formerly Shopified App) works as a combination of web app and Chrome extension. Once you’re registered, you can login into your account and install the Dropified Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store 👍

    • Avatar
      Logan Thompson says:

      Not really. You will need to use our Chrome extension to get the most out of Dropified, which you’ll be unable to do on mobile.

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      Logan Thompson says:

      Hi Adam, once you connect your store to Dropified, you just need to use the Dropfied chrome extension directly from your supplier’s websites to add products from our integrated list of suppliers.

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