Finally, A Way To Start Dropshipping Straight From!

If you’ve ever wanted to tap into the world’s biggest wholesale platform for your dropshipping needs, you’re gonna love this. 

Here at Dropified we’ve created an integration with that allows you direct access to 400K top selling products that you can sell straight from your eCommerce store.

And to kick off this partnership, and Dropified are offering FREE SHIPPING* on the first one-item order you place using the new dropship integration between Dropified and PLUS automatically be entered to win an iPad Mini*!


*some restrictions apply

YES… Dropshipping From

With Dropified’s integration you can dropship directly from’s top-rated suppliers instead of having to buy everything in bulk. 

This allows you to be able to quickly test new product ideas and dropship them directly to your customers before committing to any sort of large inventory costs, drastically reduce your cash flow and inventory management headaches.

Save Your Time With Automation

With Dropified you can use our 1-click add to store feature to painlessly add products from directly to your eCommerce store. 

Import all the product titles, descriptions and images so you can publish to your site and start selling right away. 

And once orders start rolling in you can quickly and easily fulfill all your dropshipping orders from with Dropified’s bulk fulfillment features. orders are protected

All of the suppliers on come with what’s called Trade Assurance so you know all your orders are protected. 

Trade Assurance protects the buyer (YOU) in the event that the supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon.

With the Trade Assurance program you'll experience less order mistakes, increased product quality and more reliable shipping. 

suppliers that scale with you

All suppliers available through the dropshipping program are either “Gold Level Suppliers” or “Verified Suppliers”. 

These are the 2 highest tiers a supplier can attain on the platform. Both require company/factory verification along with membership fees. 

As a dropshipper nothing is more frustrating than when your supplier runs out of stock and you are left scrambling to try and find a replacement to fulfill your orders. 

That will no longer be an issue when you start dropshipping from since the vendors listed there are the manufacturer and they will simply just keep making more as needed. 

This is crucial to making sure you are working with a supplier/ manufacturer that can scale and keep up with inventory demands as YOU grow!



With you are dealing with manufacturers directly so you can rest assured you are getting items at true wholesale prices and not marked up by some reseller who simply bought a large lot of products and is reselling them to you. 

Dropified Integrates With…

Here’s some of our Powerhouse features that allow you to Automate Your Dropshipping business with Alibaba

Add Products With 1 Click

Find Hot Selling “Dropship-able” products on and instantly add them to your store so you have high converting, great products to sell.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Fulfill as many orders as you can sell from as many Vendors as you want, in seconds without You or YOUR staff EVER touching the product! No more copy and paste nightmares when setting up order details in Save time, increase your accuracy, and avoid mistakes by automating the order details with Dropified.

Product Customization

You don’t want your store to look like every other e-commerce shop out there right? That’s why customizing your product images with your own logo, and descriptions helps create a brand identity that sells, to online shoppers.

Easy Multi-Vendor Per Product

If you're dealing with products that require multiple variants, but using different suppliers to fulfill them all you're in luck! Dropified helps you map multiple vendors to a single product and set them up as different variants (size, color, style) so that you never miss a sale.

Create Unique Product Bundles

Really stand out from the crowd by creating your own product bundles quickly and easily. Dropified lets you get as creative as you want and seamlessly fulfills all the products in the various bundles you create, even if multiple Alibaba vendors are involved.

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“This is much more than just an app that is released with a big promo than never worked on again. Chase and his team are not only great at responding any time I have a question, but they are constantly proactively asking for ways they can add value or improve the App.”

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Matt Schmitt

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Matt Schmitt / eCommerce Coach

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“We've been using Dropified since it was in beta, and it has saved us hours upon hours of tedious work… and helped us make more money!

We can browse AliExpress™ and save products to the app for further analysis and optimization, we can organize our “catalog” of potential products into boards, publish directly to our different Shopify™ stores from within the app.”

Mikel / Dropshipper

Ready to Automate Dropshipping From

Use to find your products and suppliers, and Dropified to effortlessly manage adding them to your store. Then once the orders start rushing in let Dropified's powerful automation fulfill all the orders for you in record time.

Put the power of this partnership to work for your eCommerce business today!

Connect with Dropified and not only will you get Free Shipping* on your first one-item order, but you'll also  automatically be entered for a chance to win an iPad Mini*.

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*Free Shipping & iPad Mini Offer Ends June 30, 2021

Detailed Free Shipping Rules:

1.Requirements for ordering with free shipping:

  • a.) To enjoy free shipping, a buyer must order directly on the free shipping page of the Drop-shipping Section. If a buyer places the Order through an ISV, he/she can also enjoy free shipping as long as his/her Order meets the Requirements.
  • b.) If an order is placed using the Cart, the buyer cannot enjoy free shipping.
  •  c.) Only if the Order contains one item can the buyer enjoy free shipping. In other words, if the Order contains more than one item, the buyer cannot enjoy free shipping.
  •  d.) A buyer can enjoy free shipping only if he/she selects one of the following designated shipping routes and his/her Order meets the other Requirements


    13 China-US shipping routes designated by Alibaba Logistics: Small Parcels (3C), Small Parcels, Air Charter Express, Parcels, Parcels (3C), UPS Saver (warehouse-to-door), UPS Saver (door-to-door), HK DHL, DHL Multimodal, Parcels (EU&US&CA), Air Express, FedEx IP, Jin Yang Cheng FedEx

2. During the campaign, free shipping will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Only the first 1,000 buyers who placed the Order can enjoy free shipping. The campaign will end upon the exhaustion of the quota.

3. During the campaign, if a buyer fails to pay within 3 days of ordering, the system will automatically cancel the order. If the quota has not been filled yet, the buyer can still enjoy free shipping as long as his/her new Order meets the Requirements.

4. During the campaign, each buyer can enjoy free shipping only once. In other words, after the buyer pays for the Order, he/she cannot enjoy free shipping again during the campaign.