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Why Books Are Great Products To Sell Online

Even with Kindles, iPhones and other eReaders readily available, there is still nothing that compares to the experience of holding and cracking open a real book. Books in all shapes, sizes and categories continue to be great sellers and make for great products to sell on your own drop ship store.

In fact, the global market size for books hit $115 billion in 2016 alone and is expected to keep growing.

The book market is extremely diverse, from antique and vintage books, to brand new fiction and non-fiction, there are so many niches to carve out for yourself, and the more niche you go, the more you can take advantage of hot little pockets in the book market that are ultra-lucrative.

So, whether it’s Teenage Werewolf Romance Novels, or 17th Century Gothic Farmer Poetry, there is a hot book niche just waiting for your drop ship store to get started.   

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How To Find The Main Book Distributors?

With books being so popular, you won’t have any trouble finding a ton of great book vendors to choose from.

In fact, a quick search for books on AliExpress returns over 129,000 results, eBay returns over 46,830,000 book-related items, Etsy returns over 1,731,000 products… and Amazon returns over, well, so many books you have to drill down multiple categories in each category before you see any book totals. So, no shortage of books vendors to choose from.

With Dropified easily integrating and able to import books by thousands from stores and platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and AliExpress, you can be up and running selling books from your own Dropified-powered store fast.

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How Can I Use Dropified to Dropship Books?

Using Dropified To Create Your Own Online Book Dropshipping Store Is As Easy As…

1. Pick The Books You Want To Sell And Import Them With 1 Click

2. Drive Traffic To Your Store And Start Selling Your Books

3. Let Dropified Automate The Rest!

From There, Dropified Quickly Does Everything Else For You Behind The Scenes:

1. Your customer places their order on your store

2. Dropified will place the order with your book supplier

3. Your supplier will ship the books out

4. Your customer’s receipt and tracking is emailed to them

By using Dropified I’m able to upload products so fast and easy! It literally takes 2 minutes and your product is moved over… Really I just wanna say it is BADASS!

Lawrence Aponte

Dropified is simply amazing. I use it every day and it saves me hours of time from having added products to my Shopify store the old way. I not only recommend it but think it is an absolute requirement

John Chapman
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