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Why Cosmetics Are Great Products To Sell Online

The cosmetics market in the US is expected to bring in over $17 billion in 2019 alone, and annual growth is expected to be around 2.5%.

Within the cosmetics market is a number of categories like makeup, lipstick, brushes, cases, purses, travel bags, organizers, eyelash curlers, etc and lots of other related accessories. This variety lends itself to a lot of options to build out a great niche cosmetics drop ship store.

Ready to get glam? Then get your glitter eye shadow out and let’s hit the town!

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How To Find The Main Cosmetics Distributors?

A quick search at AliExpress shows over 218,000 for Cosmetic products that you can drop ship right now, and that’s just one platform. Amazon shows over 300,000 more cosmetic products results you can tap into to drop ship.

With easy integration into sites like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Walmart, your cosmetic product line options expands into the millions.

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Find Cosmetics To Dropship Using AliExtractor

AliExtractor is the #1 tool for AliExpress product research. It not only saves you hundreds of hours researching various cosmetic items you can add to your own drop ship store, but it helps get rid of the guesswork too.

Let's say you're searching for cosmetic items like application brushes, AliExtractor uncovers exactly how many cosmetic application brushes a vendor is already selling per month in both units and sales dollars. It really helps you make smarter decisions when selecting products, like cosmetics, for your drop ship store.

With literally a click of a button, you can become a leader by offering trending products that highly rated vendors are already successfully selling. Best of all, AliExtractor is included for all our paid Dropified members!

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How Can I Use Dropified to Dropship Cosmetics?

Using Dropified To Create Your Own Online Cosmetics Dropshipping Store Is As Easy As…

1. Setup Up Your Store, Pick The Cosmetics You Want To Sell And Import Them With 1 Click

2. Drive Traffic To Your Store And Start Selling Your Cosmetics

3. Use Dropified To Automate The Rest!

From There, Dropified Quickly Does Everything Else For You Behind The Scenes:

1. Your customer places their order on your store

2. Use Dropified to place the order with your cosmetics supplier

3. Your supplier will ship the cosmetics out

4. Your customer’s receipt and tracking is emailed to them


By using Dropified I’m able to upload products so fast and easy! It literally takes 2 minutes and your product is moved over… Really I just wanna say it is BADASS!

Lawrence Aponte

Dropified is simply amazing. I use it every day and it saves me hours of time from having added products to my Shopify store the old way. I not only recommend it but think it is an absolute requirement

John Chapman
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