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Promote the most game-changing eCommerce opportunity on the planet and earn up to $717.30 per sale during our pre-launch.

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What Is Dropified Black?

Dropified Black allows anyone to launch their own supplement or CBD eCommerce brand without the need to invest in inventory, warehousing or a shipping department. 

Think of us as an on-demand partner that allows you to create your own brand that is 100% yours. Not only that, but we will ship all of our made in the USA products direct to your consumers using a label that is designed by you. Your customers never know we exist.

Dropified Black

Why Promote Dropified Black Pre-Launch?

Well for starters you can earn up to $717.30 per referral!

When you promote Dropified Black, you're helping people build a real business that is 100% their own brand. They aren't just thrown to the wolves as soon as they sign up and left with a feeling of buyer's remorse. We're offering a full training to make sure they see success in their new supplement/CBD businesses.

With our pre-launch, we're offering the Dropified Black membership at $1000 off our yearly pricing when we do our official launch. These prices will never be offered again.

Buyers get the following in our pre-launch package that you'll be promoting:

  • Masterclass ($2497 value)
  • Mastermind in Oklahoma ($2497 value)
  • Starter Product Sample Kit ($497 value)
  • Regular New Release Product Samples (bonus)
  • GrooveKart Platform: 3 Month Pass ($297 value)
  • Supplement/CBD Payment Solution ($297 value)
  • Dropified Fulfillment – 1st Access ($297 value)
  • Dropified Marketplace – 1st Access ($297 value)
  • Dropified Black – 1 Year Access ($3564 value)
  • Quarterly Dropified Black Magazine (bonus)

For a full description, watch this webinar --> https://go.dropified.com/webinar-replay

Earn 30% Commission

With our prelaunch, you earn 30% commissions on all orders. Your referrals have 2 payment plans, providing you commissions as follows:

1 Time Payment of $1997
Your Commission: $599.10

3 Payments of $797
Your Commission: 3 Payments of $239.10

What are you waiting for? Sign up and promote before the program closes January 31.

Join The Affiliate Program Now

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Once you sign up for the affiliate program, just grab your affiliate ID and swap it into one of the following URL's:

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