Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

Want to get your customers really excited about a special sale item or promo offer? You'll need to create two separate entries for the product in Dropified.

One product will be featured in the category at the regular retail price (so that your customers can see what a deal they are getting), but before you create a page for flash deals, or other promotions, your sale page will feature duplicate but discounted products.

If you haven't already added the product to your store, use AliExpress to add the product on a 1:1 ratio in Dropified. Find the product you wish to add, and click on the Dropified browser extension, and edit your product details, set the retail price, and assign it to your store.

Next, then click send to Dropified, but remain on the product page. After your retail priced product has been added, click on the Dropified browser extension again and repeat the process, but set your price parameters to your incentive offer.

You can quickly create a ‘free plus shipping' special offer to drive traffic to your store. Watch the tutorial to learn how to use this effective marketing tool in our Dropified app.