Get An Accurate Read On Net Profit Margins For Your Store

With Profit Dashboard you can get an accurate look at the money coming in and the money going out in your business.

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Ever wanted a place where you could just login and see at a glance how much net profit your business is really making? Now you can!

Calculate Net Profit
Stop letting the numbers get away from you.

See your true net profit margins after all fulfillment and advertising costs are accounted for.

calculate net profit with net profit dashboard
ad costs

Sync Advertising Costs
Know what you’re REALLY making with your eCommerce store.

Easily connect your Facebook advertising account to pull in ad costs automatically.

It's time to get an accurate read on profit margins and profitability in your day to day operations. 

Sync Supplier Fulfillment Costs
When orders are synced with your supplier, you can view those costs in your Profit Dashboard.

Dropified currently syncs with orders from AliExpress, eBay and with products available with our Private Label Products On Demand plan.

fulfillment costs

Analyze Tables & Charts
Receive a log of the numbers who are calling you allows you to take messages and call customers back later.

Access multiple visual representations of the numbers to help you see the data in a format that makes sense to you.

Use the Profit Dashboard data to crunch numbers and create a profitable pricing strategy for your business.

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