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Why T-Shirts Are Great Products To Sell Online

The fact is, pretty much everyone wears t-shirts, whether as undershirts or everyday outerwear. That’s why the t-shirts market segment is so huge, valued at over $185 billion in global sales in 2016 alone and expected to continue to grow at a whopping 6% per year.

T-shirts are a great market to sell in because they are so cheap to manufacture and ship, and they are super simple to customize as well. Not only that, with such a wide variety, there are endless niche markets you could create your own dropshipping store around and be really profitable.

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How To Find The Main Wholesale T-Shirt Suppliers

With such popularity and ease of manufacturing, there are a near endless amount of suppliers available to dropship t-shirts to your customers.

A quick search for t-shirts on AliExpress returns over 1,642,000 products, eBay returns over 42,680,000 products, Amazon returns over 200,000 products, and Etsy returns over 87,800 products you can dropship.    

When you use Dropified to power your t-shirt dropshipping store, you can quickly and easily import and sell hundreds to even thousands of products form these 4 sites, as well as dozens more sites, and have your t-shirt store up and running fast.        

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How Can I Use Dropified to Dropship T-Shirts?

Using Dropified To Create Your Own Online T-Shirt Dropshipping Store Is As Easy As…

1. Setup Up Your Store, Pick The T-Shirts You Want To Sell And Import Them With 1 Click

2. Drive Traffic To Your Store And Start Selling Your T-Shirts

3. Use Dropified To Automate The Rest!

From There, Dropified Quickly Does Everything Else For You Behind The Scenes:

1. Your customer places their order on your store

2. Use Dropified to place the order with your t-shirt supplier

3. Your supplier will ship the t-shirts out

4. Your customer’s receipt and tracking is emailed to them


By using Dropified I’m able to upload products so fast and easy! It literally takes 2 minutes and your product is moved over… Really I just wanna say it is BADASS!

Lawrence Aponte

Dropified is simply amazing. I use it every day and it saves me hours of time from having added products to my Shopify store the old way. I not only recommend it but think it is an absolute requirement

John Chapman
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