Its a great and handy tool. It really saves you time. A must have extension for anyone who values time.

Waheed Khan

Amazing tool for everyone who is in Dropshipping Industry, everything work automatically.

Argyrios Koliokostas

This extension is by far the most important tool for Shopify. It's more affordable than the competition, capable of much more, and the support way better than the rest.

Anthony Herrera

Amazing! If you do drop shipping this is a no brainer and a must! Do yourself a favour and get this app!

Nathalie Cadieux

Great app. Now with the orders-queue it makes it almost fully-automated. COmpared to other dropshipping fulfillment tools out there, this one is having the best price-service ratio by far.

Fabian Ackeret

Essential app for selling online. Simply the best drop shipping tool in the world.

Paris Vega

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