17 Of The Weirdest, Silliest And Strangest Things People Sell Online

When it comes to selling online, it really is possible to sell anything – just take a look at this list for proof. 

And if you’re struggling to come up with ideas of what you can sell, take some inspiration from these sellers. After all, if they can make it work, you can too (learn how at the end of this list).

Check out this list for a good laugh…

1. Banana Duck Wall Art

It’s a banana, it’s a duck… it’s a banana duck! This is the perfect accent to any wall in your home.

2. Miniature Human Figures In Capsules

For those times when you need to carry miniature people in your pocket… or need a more convenient way to carry your voodoo dolls.

3. Taxidermy Toilet Mouse 

Nothing screams High Class to friends and family like a taxidermied mouse… taking a dump.

4. Zombie Clown Coffee Mug

Need a jolt to wake you up in the morning?! Then this mug is for you! (Not responsible for the skid-marks in your underwear).

5. Ebola Virus Epidemic Cutting Board

Have a wedding coming up and need to lose weight fast? Try the ebola virus cutting board. (Note: Always check with your doctor before starting a new diet.)

6. Jeff Goldblum Dino Watercolor Print

Nature always finds a way… and this time it found a way to create everyone’s favorite new dinosaur.

7. The Original Shave and Play Barbie

It’s never too early to teach your kids proper grooming.

8. Shrimp Neck Pillow 

Need a nice nap while catching the red-eye from L.A. to New York? You won’t find anything more cuddly and comfortable than this baby.

9. Bread Slippers

On the Keto diet but love bread? Problem solved.

10. Mr Sneezy Egg Separator

Nothing will make you more hungry for eggs than this handy (or should I say nosey) egg separator.

11. Adjustable Belly Fanny Pack

Dad bod is in… so if you’re too skinny and not getting any attention from the ladies, be sure to strap this bad boy on.

12. Dipped Hot Wing Soap Set

Do you love hot wings and being clean? Look no further!

13. Dehydrated Water

Carrying around lots of water can be tough because it’s so heavy. Well now you can carry all the water you need and you never have to worry about it being too heavy.

14. Liquor Peeing Dispenser

Fresh filtered liquor – need I say more?

15. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Perfect way to work on your “short” game.

16. Tiny Hands

Great for making everything else look bigger.

17. Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder

No list is complete without a Unicorn.

I hope you enjoyed the list as much as we did…

…and we also hope that these crazy items may have sparked some ideas for your own stores and things you could sell.

Now, we’re not saying you should run out and sell these items, but novelty items can make for great items to create a store around. So can everyday items too. In fact, most of our 47,000+ Dropified users sell items that are pretty normal and see really good success with their stores.

The most important factor to their success though, is that they’ve used Dropified to almost completely automate their dropshipping businesses. That frees them up to focus on market research to find great products and marketing to help grow and scale their business fast.

So, if you’re looking to get started selling products online, make sure you’re doing it the right way and use Dropified to power your store.

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