6 Shopify Apps That Will Make You More Money

Shopify Apps

Whether you’re just starting out with a Shopify store or have a successful up-and-running business, there are many Shopify apps that provide simple ways to hack your growth: helping sell more products, better understand your customer base, and have people come back for more.

All of these Shopify apps below are available in the Shopify App Store, and they’re all very user-friendly — meaning they don’t take any technical skills.

See how a few simple tips and tricks can lead to better conversions and bigger returns in your store.

They also offer free trials, and are worthwhile investments to scale your business in sustainable ways.

Bold Upsell

“Would you like to supersize that order?” The classic upselling technique at your local fast-food joint is also an important part of sales.

You don’t only see this in McDonalds: many business are upselling at every checkout experience, whether it’s a hotel room upgrade, a case for your new laptop, or picks and petals for a new electric guitar.

Bold Upsell brings live upselling to your Shopify store, providing additional offerings to customers during their checkout experience. It’s easy for business owners to customize and set what item is shown based on what is being added to the cart, and has shown to increase conversions by 22%.

Also, many shoppers are known to impulse-buy and add other items to their cart at the last minute — 30% of customers, in fact.

Product Upsell offers a free trial for the first 14 days, and those conversions could easily cover the price of the app, which is between $9.99 and $59.99 (depending on the size of the store) after the month is up.


Up next is the Dropified App, an automation tool that takes lengthy manual tasks and turns them into autopilot processes.

For people who are looking to grow their business, but are simply running out of time, this is the app for you.

Here’s how it works:

Store owners can add a product to their store in as little as 10 seconds, fulfill an order in up to 20 seconds, and find items with ePacket with no extra clicks.

People who use the app are known to save 20 hours a week — that’s 80 hours a month.

Think of what you could do with all of that extra time!

When these tasks are done manually and without the help of Dropified, people are known to spend hours upon hours doing pesky tasks that take away from the more important action-items, like strategy and marketing.

If you want to start saving time and grow your business, automation is the way to go. Dropified offers a free trial to help convince anyone that this is an important step to a successful business.

Exit Offers

Nobody likes to feel abandoned — especially store owners.

Exit Offers helps fix customer and cart abandonment by presenting a customizable offer to people as they’re leaving your store empty-handed.

It’s simple and quite effective; when a visitor’s mouse cursor waves over the “X” button, the app implements a pop-up with a special offer, whether it’s a discount code, free shipping, or special customer service.

You also have the ability to easily A/B test to see which offers are working better, and the app provides great analytics to show how Exit Offers is helping you make more money.

The stats don’t lie, either…

One test showed these exit pop-ups drove 1,375% more email captures versus other opt-in forms. Exit Offers includes a 2-week free trial, and costs $9.99 a month thereafter.

Back In Stock

Imagine this: You’re about to buy a picture frame from a Shopify store, go to check out, and bam: “Out of Stock.”

How many people do you think actually make a note to return to the store to see when it’s available again?

The answer is probably not many.

Keep competitors at bay while making your own customers happy by installing Back In Stock, an app that captures email addresses and automatically emails people with a “Buy Now!” button when a product is back in stock.

In addition to this unique customer-interaction, the app also helps inform trends of which products are selling out over others, so you can figure out how to restock faster and keep things from selling out too fast.

The app installs in less than 30 seconds, has easy and powerful customizable options, and includes a free 30-day trial, and then starts at an affordable $19/month.

Making millions won’t happen overnight, but there are some smart tactics anyone can put into place that can lead to exponential e-commerce growth. Start here, and see how your store can begin to boom.

Olark Live Chat

Out with the FAQ sections, and in with the live chats!

Oftentimes, customers have questions about the product they’re looking to purchase, but can’t easily find an answer or aren’t up for emailing customer service.

Nowadays, people want instant service — both off and online.

Live chat apps are a great solution for the e-commerce business, providing a real-life customer experience on the web to help work with, and sell, your product. Moreover, quickly answering customer questions leads to lower bounce rates and helps prevent lost sales.

In addition to adding a human element to your digital shopping experience, chatting live with customers allows store owners to get to know their shoppers and continually improve their product and checkout experience overtime.

Olark is customizable and can track where the customer is located and how they were referred to your shop.

Still not totally convinced?

Research shows that 24% of customers have used live chat, and almost three-quarters of them said satisfied with the experience. Olark offers a 14-day free trial, and also has a standard plan that includes 20 free chats a month.


Another powerful way to boost sales is by creating product trust through customer reviews.

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing solution that seamlessly collects product reviews from customers and places them right in your Shopify store.

Plus, visitors are 63% more likely to purchase something from a store if it has good reviews, and the app also makes it easy to share reviews on social media while encouraging customers to write their own.

How does it work?  

A few weeks after a purchase, Yotpo generates an email to customers with an ask to rate and review the product they bought.

To make it even easier, customers can simply write a review in the email itself, which is automatically added to the relevant product page. Ready or not, these five apps can make a huge impact on your business — improving the checkout experience, up-selling various products, and helping relate better to your customers.

It’s worth investing in one — if not all — of these apps to see your store grow in tremendous ways!

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