Bulk Editing Products With Dropified

bulk editng products with dropified

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 7 Minutes

If you have just completed your research phase, and you want to add a large volume of products to your store, the Dropified App provides a bulk editing tool that will help you optimize your time.

If you have a selection of products that have the same price, or require the same description tags, click the check box to choose the products you would like to bulk edit.

Next, go to the top of the page to the selected items drop down menu, and choose edit. The edit selected products window, will allow you to set the tags, prices, product type (category in your store)and weight (if they all have the same parameters), to quickly edit multiple products at the same time.

Wow right? We knew you’d be impressed. Go to the table view to double check, and you are ready to publish the products to your store.

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