Using Authenticity and Transparency to Create a Customer Base of Raving Fans

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Anthony Gives The Inside Scoop On Using Authenticity and Transparency To Create A Customer Base of Raving Fans

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Anthony Amos founded the mobile dog-grooming company HydroDog at age 21 during his off-time as a professional rugby player. His franchise model achieved massive growth and success in Australia, and Anthony has introduced HydroDog to The United States through the extended, nationwide 50-state Tour that includes his entire family in public dog-washing events benefitting local shelters and raising awareness for rescue adoption of dogs at a time of epidemic-level canine euthanasia.  This tour’s legacy also continues beyond the Amos family tour, in the form of regular public dog-washing events conducted by local HydroDog franchises that continue to expand rapidly throughout the country.

Within four years HydroDog had grown to over 100 franchises in every single state & territory across Australia. It was the first franchise of its kind to be in every state and territory of Australia. After the 100th franchise milestone was reached, HydroDog implemented a Master Franchise model taking the franchise system to the next level. All states and territories in Australia were sold within an 18 month period and grew to nearly 200 franchises in half the time it took to get to 100.


Are you ready to create a customer base of raving fans? Be sure to listen in!

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