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free shipping offers
What kind of customer is a Dropified customer? A smart one and here’s why… When it comes to bringing in new customers and sales fast, smart customers launch “Free + Shipping” offers. What exactly is a Free + Shipping offer? It’s a sales tactic where you offer your product for free and just ask the buyers to cover the shipping charges. Then you simply find a product that is inexpensive enough to have what you will charge as your shipping fee cover the cost of your item + actual shipping cost to you. So why would you want to offer something for free, that basically helps you break even on cost after they pay the shipping fee? For two big reasons: 1. It can be hard to get new customers to buy from a new store online, so providing a really good deal is a great way to get new customers to try you out – and people love Free + Shipping offers. 2. It’s easier to get repeat sales once someone has bought from you, so now with all these new customers, you have a much better shot at more sales from these new customers. Watch the video below to see how to set up your own Free + Shipping offers: Yes, it’s really that easy. To set up new Free + Shipping offers in your store, you simply:
  • Go to and find the product page for the product you want to sell
  • Click on the Dropified App Chrome Extension
  • Then update the product details in the Product Window that opens up, and set the price to $0
  • Then click the “Send To Shopify” button and you’re all set – you now have a “Free” offer in your store.
In this case as shown in the video above, if you wanted to at least Break-Even on your cost, you would price your shipping cost at a minimum of $7.77, which is the AliExpress cost of the item ($6.29) and the cost of ePacket shipping ($1.48). However, you could also price the Shipping cost at $7.99 or even $8.99, allowing you to make some money or cover any paid traffic you're running. Again, the point is to bring in new buyers so that you can sell them more stuff, not really to make money on this item. Now, you may also wish to have a Retail priced version of your product. If that’s the case then simply:
  • Click off the Product box that you just had open, then click the Dropified extension again.
  • You will see the changes you had made to the offer – now you’ll want to add a Retail value this time.
  • Then click the “Send To Shopify” button and you’re all set – you now have a Retail version of that product as well.
It’s really that easy to add Free + Shipping product offers on your Shopify stores. We highly recommend that you start adding your own Free + Shipping offers to bring in new customers… …so be sure to set your own Free + Shipping offers up today inside your Dropified App today. Happy Selling The Team @ Dropified

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