4 Core Startup Fundamentals to Grow Your Business to 6 Figures and Beyond

4 Core Startup Fundamentals to Grow Your Business to 6 Figures and Beyond

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Damian Gives The Inside Scoop On The 4 Core Startup Fundamentals Needed To Grow Your Business To 6 Figures & Beyond

grow your business to 6 figures

Damian Prosalendis founded and ran 3 companies by the age of only 21, although 2 years earlier he was almost homeless, sleeping on a bed he picked up from the mattress, and distributing flyers on the streets for a compensation of 1 euro per hour.

Thus, he was interviewed and featured on the world-class, prestigious Forbes Magazine as the entrepreneur who managed to build a multi-million dollar business out of his roach-infested dorm room, while sleeping on a mattress he picked up from the rubbish. Damian created the world’s largest consulting firm for Amazon Sellers, known as SPXMAC, which serviced over 10,000 clients from 116 countries, ranging from new start-ups to multi million dollar e-commerce brands.

Now, at the age of 24, Damian Prosalendis has expanded his business empire by starting several new ventures. These include Badass Talent, a model and talent management agency in Miami, Studio Badass which is a video production studio that focuses on luxury living and lifestyle productions, and Anax Publishing which is a digital media and publishing company that specializes in personal development publications. He has also diversified his portfolio with multiple investments, ranging from real estate in Dubai, USA and Greece as well as a multi-million dollar Forex and stock investment portfolio.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/damianprosa

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