How To Write Good eCommerce Product Descriptions?

Have you ever struggled with writing a product description? If so, no worries, we have all been there. I’ll help you start with copywriting your very own unique listings. Here are my 5 tips for writing good product copy, that can convert your visitors to customers.

#1. Try The Product Yourself

If possible, try the product yourself before you recommend it! Believe me, this will set you apart from your competitors. Also, your customers will be able to rely on your suggestions for future purchases.

Now you might ask, should I use the supplier's product description? When we rely on pre-written information, we could miss out on an opportunity to share the key features and benefits of the product. Additionally, I would recommend revising the listing to add your style and voice.

#2. Address Questions About The Product

Some of the best product descriptions can answer your visitor's questions beforehand. For example, if you were to list a pair of curtains, your buyers may have a series of questions.

Buyers may want to know about the following; What length are they? What is the material? Is it double lined? Can I layer the curtains? Do they blackout sunlight? Do the curtains reduce sound? Are they insulated? Your detailed advice can help convert a visitor into a buyer.

#3. Add Value With Product Research

Let’s take Beard oil as an example, it is a popular men’s product. Now, how can we add value to a Beard oil listing? To do this, ask yourself these questions:               

What special ingredients does the product contain? Some of the best Beard Oil listings let us know about the many healthy ingredients that it contains! You can enhance the listing by explaining just how these ingredients help to nourish and condition the hair and skin through research.

Do you offer 20% more in portion sizes? If so, include these details. If not, give your customers an idea of how long the product can last, or you can give tips on how to extend the life of the product. For example, some products can be refrigerated to last longer than the expiration.                                              

You can advise your potential buyers on product usage. For example, some cosmetics items are for external use only. Other items may need advising like instructions, disclaimers, and or expiration dates. 

For technology products, let your potential customers know what makes the product special. Are there any multi-tasking benefits for this product? For example, some Bluetooth speakers have an alarm, users can take calls, listen to music, and some of them have charging capabilities. 

#4. Provide Credibility

Do you have an award-winning product on your site? Is it a best-seller? If so, it is valuable to mention this in your product listing. If your item has a special seal of approval, your visitors will appreciate your inclusion of this information.

Definitely include any special certifications, seals, or approvals. It is the best non-verbal way to provide a recommendation with proof

#5. Add Style With Multimedia

Provide high-quality images to your descriptions. If possible, add a video! I tend to purchase from shops that allow me to zoom in or rotate, allowing me to see the fine details. If you can include an approximation of sizes or the item color, that’s even better! Your customers will love you for being so detailed! You will leave an impression that will encourage them to shop with you again

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