Is There Still Room In The Dropshipping Market To Start A Business Or Is It Full?

Is The Drop Shipping Market Full?

Well, that depends on what you mean by the “drop shipping market”.

If you are referring to generic stores filled with gimmicky products and the latest fads that quickly die out, then I guess you could see that part of the market as not being as effective as it once was.

However, if you’re talking about niche markets being served by eCom store owners using drop shipping methods that are really well thought out and really serve the needs of their market, then no, it’s not full and won’t be full.

The fact is, anyone that runs an eCom store that is truly focused on understanding the needs of the people they are selling to, works to sell products and create unique offers to solve pain points, fulfill needs and sells them what they want will almost always succeed.

The big issue that most people new to dropshipping experience that makes them think the market is full, is that they see lots of new dropshipping courses being promoted all over the place and they all look the same. They all make it seem super easy – “How one simple product can make you $x,xxx per day”.

As the owners of the Dropified App, which is a drop ship automation tool, we have thousands of users that do sell and make thousands of dollars per day – users that earn 6, 7 and even 8 figures per year.

While some capitalize on fads, the key focus is to capitalize on them, not live or die by them.

Going Deep In A Niche For Success

Most serve really specific niche markets – ones you’d never think to be in because those markets aren’t on your radar or not in an area you’re involved in. I bet if you did research like they did, you’d find your own off the radar niches to serve because they ARE on YOUR radar and you know all about them.

Most do NOT chase the latest craze. Instead they serve markets that have longevity, that they can build deep into.

For you then, it’s about identifying areas that you know about and care about, that you’re passionate about or maybe that is based on the career/work you do.

Fads Versus Trends

Don’t look at fads, but do consider trends in your niche. Fads die out fast, trends have longevity and indicate market support.

Take fidget spinners for example. That was a fad that exploded fast and made a lot of fast movers a lot of money fast. Then it got super saturated immediately, and those slow to the game are still struggling to make their money back. We still know lots of people with garages full of boxes of fidget spinners.

A trend would be something like 3D printers. The market and the uses of 3D printers has been slowly growing, especially as the price of 3D printing machines has been decreasing.

Good Niche Ideas Versus Great Niche Ideas

Now, many people might want to start selling 3D printers to capitalize in that market…

…but a smarter niche store consideration might be 3D printer… accessories.

A good niche store might sell the raw materials used to make 3D models, or maybe replacement parts, or maybe even 3D printer design plans for useful items that people want to print.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell 3D printers… but that there is a lot of money to be made in the accessories that people will buy for their 3D printers.

For example, when people search for 3D printers, they are also searching for:

3D printer parts, 3D printer filament, 3D printer resin, 3D printer board, 3D printer extruder, 3D printer nozzle, 3D printer diy, 3D printer controller, etc.

A good store could be to sell those 3D printer accessories.

A great store could be to sell those 3D printer accessories, and also provide amazing tutorials, how-to guides and valuable product bundles.

Now, some of our most successful users create unique product bundles. For example, when someone buys something new, many times they are first time buyers, so a great bundle for them might be a starter kit.

So you could create a starter kit where you bundle a 3D printer with all the accessories they’d need to get started the right way.

Another kit could be all the accessories they need to use for a certain model, minus the 3D printer. This would serve people that already bought the printer elsewhere, but then started searching for all the accessories they needed.

Think along the lines of “The Perfect Starter Kit For The XXXXX 3D Printer”, then you could create a product bundle for each major 3D printer model on the market.

Now, the reason most dropship stores don’t sell bundled products is that they are really hard to fulfill. Yes, they are easy to advertise, but if you include, let’s say 5 different products, and you have to get them from 5 different suppliers, ordering them from 5 different places and sending the customer 5 different tracking numbers gets tedious really quick.

Why Automation Is The Key To Success

That’s where Dropified comes in. You see, as successful drop shippers ourselves, we LOVE offering bundled products because there is so much value to give and profit to be made…

…and we hated how hard it was to manually place all the different orders that made up the bundles.

That’s why we worked hard to create a fully-automated Product Bundle feature that places all the orders and tracks and fulfills all the bundle orders for you. No other dropship app automates this process for you.

It’s features like Product Bundling and Automation that make our users jobs so easy…

…and ultimately allows them to focus on growing their business, instead of being stuck in the day-to-day details and mundane tasks.

This is what lets them dive deep into niches and explore more – because the Dropified automations free’s them up to be creative and have the time to really spend time in their markets.

And that’s where the real money is found – deep in niche markets.

So, no drop shipping is not saturated, because there are endless niche markets still waiting to be explored and served.

And when you finally discover your niche market, Dropified will be here to automate your drop shipping business for you.

Get started with your free Dropified trial here right now:

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