New Automation Tool Makes Dropshipping from eBay a “Walk-in-the-Park”

Whether you’ve been dropshipping for awhile or you’re the new kid on the block no doubt you’ve heard of places like Aliexpress. You're likely aware also that many are getting sick of the long wait times associated with dropshipping products from overseas to their customers.

As a result places like eBay, with much shorter shipping times in North America especially, are becoming increasingly popular amongst dropshippers. However up until this point there has not been an easy way to integrate and automate the eBay dropshipping process and almost all the major dropshipping tools on the market focus solely on places like Aliexpress.

Introducing… The New eBay Integration From Dropified

Here at Dropified we have been proactively gearing up for this for many months now and we are proud to announce that Dropified is now the first dropshipping software provider to integrate eBay as a fully automated dropshipping partner.

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Members of Dropified can find amazing North American (U.S.A.) based products and instantly add them to their e-commerce stores. Customers enjoy the convenience of fast-fulfillment and quick-ship orders that can arrive in days (rather than lengthy delays from offshore manufacturers).

“The response from Dropified members has been tremendous, and over a thousand of our customers started using it right away. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have been hesitant to cross-list or source on eBay simply because of the massive amount of time and work involved with updating manual listings. Our new integration makes it as easy as a few clicks, to get eBay products live in your store and selling”.

— Lowell Rempel, CEO – Dropified

Dropified’s new eBay automation feature streamlines sourcing from eBay, allowing e-commerce business owners to edit and customize product images, descriptions and variants. Once listed on the member’s Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce or CommerceHQ store, the new eBay integration can automate much of the administrative processes behind order fulfillment, tracking, product research and more, without the store owner ever having to touch any products.  

For years Dropified has been the leader for dropshipping automation for places like Aliexpress, but the way dropshipping is done is changing – for the better we think! The eBay integration and new tools are another expansion of Dropified’s mission to work smarter (not harder) when it comes to dropshipping business management.

Dropified provides the software and automation solutions behind successful six-figure e-commerce stores, and includes advanced training to help new and experienced members grow quickly and reach their monthly revenue goals.

To learn more about how dropified can help your dropshipping business thrive over the coming months and years just click the button below and get started with a FREE TRIAL today!

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To Your Success,
Lowell & Chase (Founders of Dropified)

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