The Dropified Story (So Far)…

How Dropified Started

Ever wonder how Dropified started? Our founder recently sat down with Paris Vega of the First Customers podcast to tell his story.

You can listen below or read on for the story.

How Dropified Began

Dropified, the world’s leading dropship automation tool, was created in 2015 by Chase Bowers.

Entrepreneurship has always been in Chase’s blood, and he began his journey in earnest in 2005 during his time in college, setting up the foundation for his businesses over the next decade.

He eventually worked as a digital marketing consultant to keep cash flowing to cover expenses and support his family while experimenting with side projects. 

Fast forward to 2015, he decided to take a big leap toward his dreams by investing $10,000 into a business mastermind run by (his now friend) Chris Record.

It was in this mastermind where the inspiration to create Dropified came from after watching a fellow mastermind member (who had actually spent time in prison) start up a dropshipping business that quickly made $30,000 in a short amount of time. 

Wanting to get involved in dropshipping himself, but not wanting to get stuck performing all the daily tasks it takes to run a dropshipping business, Chase hired a developer to create a Chrome extension to help him automate many of those tasks, saving him a ton of time in the process.

This Chrome extension was created for his personal use, but after he showed it to his fellow mastermind members, they wanted to pay him to use it in their own businesses as well.

Now realizing that there could be a market for his dropshipping app, he partnered with Chris Record to give away this new software as a bonus to anyone that bought Chris’ new “How to start a dropshipping business” course that was being released.

Now with over 1,000 new users getting the software as a bonus, Chase spent the next two weeks improving it based on their feedback on new suggestions and squashing bugs along the way.

With this new and improved version, Chase began to test market demand by launching a special limited resale offer for Lifetime Membership for the first 50 people to sign up.

After those spots were taken in less than two days, he opened up 50 more spots, and those spots were sold right away as well.

With those 100 founding members on board, Chase realized he had more than a winning product – he actually had a winning business.

So, instead of just continuing to sell more spots, he decided to shut down the sales for the next 6 months and re-invest the $30,000 he raised so that he could build out the foundation of a solid application and really build the foundation of his business.

Then in 2016, after he had built in a lot of powerful new features and squashed all the bugs and other issues his beta users had reported, he was ready to launch Dropified (it was originally named Shopified) to the world in a big way.

On the first day he launched, he did over $100,000 in sales and ended the week with over $700,000 in sales.

Those 6 months of reinvesting the money and really building out Dropified had paid off in a big way, and he ended 2016 with over $1,000,000 in product sales.

Over the next several years, Chase not only continued his focus on improving Dropified, but he began to invest more in the team surrounding him so that he could offer both world-class software and support.

In 2017, Chase partnered with serial entrepreneur Lowell Rempel, and in January 2018, Lowell officially joined the company as the Co-CEO with Chase, to help grow Dropified into the premier Dropshipping app on the market. 

Lowell brought with him decades of experience from having started, run and sold dozens of software businesses for millions of dollars. 

Chase, Lowell and the over 30 employees on the Dropified team, have continued to grow and improve Dropified, so much that Dropified was ranked at #55 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 with three-year revenue growth of 4,971%!

While Dropified was ranked #55 in the fastest-growing companies in the nation, it was also recognized as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in Alabama and #1 in Top Business Products & Services Companies.

Chase commented, “We are very excited for what the future holds as we continue to grow by focusing on creating more value for our drop ship business owners around the world.”

Now with over 44,000 users, Dropified is the best and most fully-automated dropshipping software on the market.

Not content with simply staying up with the market, the Dropified team has been quietly building a new system behind the scenes that will revolutionize the dropshipping industry, and lead it into the next decade.

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    minhaj ahmed says:

    An amazing success story and looking forward to the future growth of this company. Also, well done on being named in the inc5000 list, that is a huge achievement for such a young company.

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