Using The Dropified Web Application

using the dropified web application

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

Once you have saved some products from AliExpress (one-click add to store or save for later), the Dropified Web Application allows our members to organize products into boards. This is a time-saving feature, that allows you to group products by category to add to your store (when you are ready to sell).

Click on the BOARDS option in your Dropified dashboard, and ADD A BOARD, then give it a category name (you can add as many boards as you’ll need to organize products). Navigate to the PRODUCTS feature in your dashboard, then sort the products by clicking the green BOARD button. A drop down menu will appear that lists your organizational boards, and you can sort each product into the category you choose (you can also check the product at the top of the description box to add in multiple products at the same time, to one designated board or use the select all feature to import).

To test whether the products have been organized successfully into your chosen board(s), simply click on the BOARD menu in Dropified. Quickly add, organize or delete products with the Dropified Web Application. You can even edit individual product details directly, after they have been added to your category board, or use our bulk edit feature, to write new product descriptions, set price and other sale parameters.

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