Using Variant Mapping In Dropified

Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Multiple products, with different sizes, colors, patterns or other differential options within the same category? This used to be a real headache for e-commerce business owners, until we developed our advanced variant mapping tools. If you are sourcing your products from AliExpress, the supplier will have basic variant labels, that are not always consumer friendly, i.e., 0012Black.

Advanced variant mapping allows you to connect the variant name in Shopify, with your products managed in Dropified, without any confusion about the product details or ID. When members are starting, it’s important to remember that if variant mapping is not set up correctly, Dropified will be unable to place the order for you (it doesn’t want to guess which product your customer is ordering). The recommended method is to add the product to your store first, and then edit the details in Dropified, where you can change the individual item/size/color names, without further mapping.

Advanced variant mapping allows our members to map each Shopify variant to a different AliExpress variant, from more than one supplier. This is useful for popular products where stock from one vendor may be limited, or when a primary supplier may not have all the different product variants available (you can add the missing models, sizes or styles of the exact same product on your page, from a separate vendor).

Import the product from AliExpress using the Dropified browser extension, and retain the vendor variants, then log into the Dropified products page, and edit the variants for your store.

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