What Apps Should I Have on My E-commerce Store?

Depending on the e-commerce platform you are using, there are hundreds if not thousands of apps you can add to your store to help you extend the functionality of your store.

While the apps you decide to use are up to you, here’s a quick list of the apps I think every store should be using because of the impact they have on helping you generate more sales.

#1 – Abandoned Cart Recovery App

What is an Abandoned Cart Recovery App?

Have you ever received an email reminder from your favorite online store? Typically, it will say: Looks Like You Left Behind Items in Your Cart? This helps customers resume their transactions. For you, this means greater earnings when your customer completes checkout!

Now, I’m sure you’re asking, “What is your review of what people should look for in choosing a good app?”

I’d recommend choosing an app that has a lot of built-in features, one that is made for people who want to secure sales, like you.

Some things to consider when choosing your ideal app:

  • Can you recover a sale for customers that abandoned their cart?
  • Can you segment your buyers or segment the abandoned carts? Each buyer is unique.
  • Think of what you will need in your store to secure sales.
  • Does it help you enhance customer communication? For example, some apps have drip campaigns as a feature.

#2 Product Reviews App

Why is it important to have this?

You need a product reviews app to import customer reviews into your store for the products that you're hoping to sell. Reviews are a form of social proof. Product reviews can motivate someone to make a purchase from your site.

Keep this in mind:                           

Depending on your industry, you may want to consider an app that includes pictures and text. Also, allowing customers to import images works really well! The app can help other potential customers to see the product being used by others. In addition, potential buyers will be able to know what others think about the product. A great app will allow you to send replies to ensure that you are providing great customer service.       

#3 Currency Converter App

Do you need a currency converter?                 

If you plan to sell internationally, which I highly encourage, you will find a currency converter comes in handy. A currency converter can automatically detect the country that your customer is visiting your site from. This will show the user's currency at your shop, which adds more trust.

#4 Translator App

A translator App is great to build trust for global-based customers. 

Here is how it can help your business:

A translator app is an excellent multilingual solution! The app will help to display your customer's native language, making it comfortable and convenient for every visitor.

#5 Automatic Discount App

Many e-commerce platforms allow customers to manually enter coupon codes during checkout. Today, you can make the customer experience much easier. There are apps that exist that automatically apply discounts for your customers at your checkout.

#6 SEO App

Last, but not least, you can increase the chances of your website getting discovered through search engine optimization.

Many e-commerce platforms have search engine optimization but sometimes this isn’t available. This is where an SEO app can help you. An SEO App can optimize details like Alt tags, Meta Data, Image compression and more. For example, some of the very best apps can improve your page load time, which is better for your customer shopping experience. It’s also excellent for your page ranking in Google search. 

Again, this is just a quick list of what I feel are the most helpful apps that every e-commerce store, regardless of industry, should have at a minimum. You’ll probably find plenty more that work for your store, so be sure to take time to figure out what additional functionality you’d like your store to have, then choose and add them wisely.

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