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When you are starting your first e-commerce dropshipping business, there are so many things to think about.  The website design, the kinds of products you want to sell, the pricing strategy; it’s exciting to put all the pieces into place for a business that you want to grow from nothing, into a lucrative side-gig and eventually into a full-time income.

Having the right tools matters, and one of the biggest mistakes that e-commerce entrepreneurs make in the beginning, is not choosing the right software to manage their business.  It can be so confusing, joining e-commerce Facebook groups, asking questions and looking for guidance. What is the best software to run a dropshipping business? And many business owners lead by selecting the least expensive applications, not realizing that there is a hidden cost.

And that is your time.  The most priceless commodity and valuable asset you have as a small business owner is time; and it’s the one thing you can’t create more of. Once you start clicking on ads for different types of dropshipping solutions, you are inundated with so many options.  What is everyone else using? How hard is it to use the dashboard and tools provided? What tools do you actually need to make your e-commerce business run smoothly?

Before you decide on the best software for your business, we wanted to share some insights with you and our notes on some of our competitors.  Learn what they can do and what they can’t do, and measure that with the turnkey solution provided in the plans offered by Dropified (backed by our amazing customer support team).

E-commerce Software Review

You like to look at the competitors in your niche too, right?  We do this on an annual basis to better understand what e-commerce business owners are looking for.   Our marketing team went through a gap analysis exercise to determine what was great about some of our competitors, and also … what was missing from the software tools they were providing their customers.

We did our “homework” to help you do yours, when it comes to choosing the right dashboard to run your e-commerce business.  

Check out some of our insights in our competitive review of e-commerce software providers:

How Important Is Choosing the Right Software for Running Your E-commerce Business?

Starting your own e-commerce business means stretching your resources, and that also means your own time and energy.  Don’t choose software that has a bunch of expensive addons, or waste time logging into multiple dashboards to manage only some of what Dropified provides our members, in one complete and easy-to-use solution.

And it can be tricky.  Seriously, some apps look pretty good from the outside until you realize that those companies have a habit of sneaking in little upcharges for the things they know dropshippers need.  Like multiple users (without paying a hefty fee for extra team members or virtual assistants), or the ability to add a number of different products and organize them, so you can work ahead seasonally on your special offers and assortment.

At Dropified, we’ve been part of the success story for thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe.  People like you, who had the entrepreneurial drive to start an online business to get ahead, and who knew they had the passion and drive to see it through and build something successful.  Because Dropified was developed by e-commerce experts with years of experience operating their own stores; and we designed what we knew every dropshipper needed, into one convenient and easy to navigate dashboard.

When you sign on as a monthly or annual member, you are becoming part of our growing global community of entrepreneurs.   Tap into that community on our complimentary SLACK support channel, where you can ask us anything or start conversations with other business owners, who have built their own shops from the ground up.  

Finding suggestions and mentors as you build your e-commerce business matters; you aren’t alone, and you are part of a dynamic group of people who have a dream and are willing to roll their sleeves up to make it happen.  In the SLACK channel you’ll find support, suggestions and even solutions to some common problems or obstacles that many new dropshippers face.

Our members tell us that the free training and mentoring we provide, have helped them grow.  And our team at Dropifie will be with you every step of the way, with industry leading software tools that help you work smarter (not harder) to achieve your e-commerce sales goals.

Take a test drive Dropified on us.  Access our library of video tutorials that walk you through every step, from installing the Chrome Browser to important tools like Advanced Variant Mapping.   Learn why our High-Speed CAPTCHA solver is something that every one of our competitors should provide (but they don’t) and how you can turn an hour every day into automated processes that used to take up to 20+ hours per week or more.

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