Dropified Product Downloads And Training

Get in the drivers seat! Learn how e-commerce owners like you are growth hacking revenue streams with the Dropified team. Use our quick-start user training videos to explore all of our tools and features.

dropified chrome extension

Chrome Extension

dropified web app

Web Application

dropified customer support

Customer Support

Connect Your Shopify Store to Dropified

Dropified makes it easy to connect one, or multiple e-commerce stores within the app. In under thirty-seconds, you can connect your Shopify store.
onnect your commercehq store

Connect Your CommerceHQ Store

Learn how you can connect your CommerceHQ store to Dropified
connect your woocommerce store

Connect Your Woocommerce Store

Your WooCommerce store will connect seamlessly to Dropified, in less than a three minutes.
add the dropified extension to google chrome

Add the Dropified Extension to Google Chrome

Ready to add the Dropified Chrome extension to your browser?
select merchandise with the chrome extension

Select Merchandise With The Chrome Extension

You are now ready to use Dropified to add products to your e-commerce shop.
how to save products to your store

How to Save Products to Your Store

When browsing in AliExpress, you have two options to save products to your store.
dropified orders audit tool

Dropified Orders Audit Tool

We've created a Dropified Orders Audit Tool for our Members
using the dropified web application

Using The Dropified Web Application

Dropified allows our members to organize products into custom boards for easy orders.
how to browse and save products in aliexpress

How to Browse and Save Products in AliExpress

Begin learning how to browse and save products in AliExpress for exciting drop ship products.
create dropified boards to organize products

Create Dropified Boards to Organize Selected Products

Create dropified boards and organize them during your product research.
bulk editng products with dropified

Bulk Editing Products With Dropified

If you want to add a large volume of products to your store, bulk ordering with Dropified is your answer.
update product details with bulk editing tool

Update Product Details With Our Bulk Editing Tool

Dropified provides a bulk editing tool that will help you optimize your ordering time.
filter products eligible for epacket shipping

Filter Products Eligible for ePacket Shipping

For light products, the ePacket shipping option is available in AliExpress.
refine product images with dropified photo editor

Refine Product Images With Dropified Photo Editor

In the Dropified Photo Editor tool you can crop and resize images in real time.
add existing shopify products to dropified

Add Existing Shopify Products to Dropified

Do you want to add existing shopify products to dropified?
global product settings configuration

Global Product Settings Configuration

The Dropified app comes with global product settings.
managing sub users and permissions

Managing Sub Users and Permissions

Managing sub users and permissions on one or many e-commerce store?
dropified order fulfillment process

Dropified Order Fulfillment Process

Keep track of price changes and tracking product availability.
dropified pricing and availability alerts

Dropified Pricing and Availability Alerts

Dropified Pricing and Availability alerts keeping track of price changes from your suppliers.
creating sale items or flash discounted products

Creating Sale Items or Flash Discounted Products

Want to get your customers really excited about a special sale item or promo offer?

Using Variant Mapping In Dropified

Variant mapping in dropified removes the product differentiation headache for e-commerce business owners.
setting a custom tracking url

Setting A Custom Tracking URL

Enhance the purchase experience for your customers by setting a custom tracking URL.
optimize branding and seo with custom product descriptions

Optimize Branding and SEO with Custom Product Descriptions

Creating custom product descriptions sets you apart from other sellers. It gives you a big competitive edge by helping more potential customers find you.
save time with captcha solver

Save Time With Captcha Solver

Captcha solver eliminates any slow-down by filling in the Captcha for you.
saving aliexpress order id

Saving Aliexpress Order Id

Dropified is designed to be flexible and accommodate order saving processes.
using order tags in dropified

Using Order Tags In Dropified

We created the using order tags feature in Dropified, to make searching for a customer order quick, and painless.
using the order queue in dropified

Using The Order Queue In Dropified

With Dropified, you can now select multiple orders and have them process in the background in our custom built order queue.
product bundle mapping in dropified

Product Bundle Mapping in Dropified

When you set up your dropified product bundle mapping correctly, it will save you time with one-button order fulfillment of multiple products.