Dropified vs Oberlo: Comparison Table

Dropified vs Oberlo

Dropified vs Oberlo: Let’s Set the Record Straight

Here we were, working hard on creating the world’s leading e-commerce SaaS platform, and then BOOM, we get hit with some attitude from another similar software provider.  We’d don’t want to brag, but our team at Dropified is made up of some pretty amazing technology and e-commerce talents, who have a proven success record, helping thousands of businesses grow their online retail revenues.

So, when we read the article that Oberlo wrote about us, we were kind of confused.  And then our development team talked to sales, and then sales talked to marketing, and we thought about the best way for us to share the real facts and scoop, while keeping it classy.

Because we’re too busy creating thousands of e-commerce success stories for our members, rather than slandering other service providers.  We’re cool like that, we just want everyone to have the facts to help them decide on the best platform to grow with.

  1. Oberlo Suggested That Dropified Was a Copycat

The Dropified App was created on October 19, 2015 without any prior knowledge that Oberlo existed.  Seriously, we were surprised (guess we had better marketing). Our founders and development team saw the opportunity to eliminate the extra work and time intensive methods that e-retailers were using.  We knew it could be done better, and we worked with a private group of 700 drop shipping store owners to get it right, before we went public.

With this valuable feedback from power sellers, we customized our platform to provide the exact tools that they identified as critical, to e-commerce success.  To our knowledge, we were first to the market with the following value-added features for business owners:

  • ePacket ID
  • Auto insert Order ID after placing order
  • The ability to pay for more than 10 orders at a time on AliExpress

After working in development with our focus group of retailers, Dropified launched to the public in March of 2016, and we’ve been growing ever since, adding to our suite of essential e-commerce retail sales tools and knowledge base.

  1. No Reviews of Dropified in the Shopify App Store

We love Shopify (obviously we’re their biggest fan) but there were some deliberate reasons why our team chose to be an unlisted Shopify approved application.  One marketing advantage that Oberlo has over Dropified, is that they are listed and viewable in the Shopify App Store.  Does that mean they are better?  Well, that’s up to our members to decide.

The reason we chose to remain an unlisted application, was to maintain greater control over our user and member experience, to keep to our vision of providing a user experience that made e-commerce easier for business owners.  Sure, that makes our job a little harder on the marketing front, but it also removes a lot of the restrictions we would have to contend with, that might restrict the applications and services that we provide.

The positive response from our growing community of almost 8,000 members, tells us that we made the right choice.  And when it comes to reviews, since we’re not in the Shopify App Store, it makes getting them a little harder, since we don’t gain that built-in traffic resource.  That’s okay though, we have an Affiliate program that allows our valued e-commerce members to recommend and promote our SaaS solutions, and that works really well for us.  Did we also mention that our Affiliates and Members are killing it, in terms of revenues and sales using Dropified?  That’s all that matters to us; making our members happy.

  1. Dropified vs Oberlo: Which One Is Better?

Here comes the classy part.  Despite being disparaged by Oberlo and accused of all sorts of things (sticks and stones you guys), Oberlo wants to perpetuate that they are the more technologically advanced software suite for e-commerce.

Well, here is how we look at it.  What is the best for the e-commerce owner, is to choose a SaaS platform that feels good, and does all the things they need to grow their online revenue.   And we aren’t going to slander them in anyway; we think that any software that helps e-commerce owners is valuable.  But when you check out the Dropified member tools compared to Oberlo, you’ll see that each platform has competitive tools and advantages.

What matters, is choosing the right one for you.

But just because our development and marketing teams, as well as our global network of members are such big fans of Dropified, we did want to mention a few things that (to our knowledge) Oberlo doesn’t offer.  Maybe that explains why they are insistent on taking shots at us *shrug*.

  • Edit your product before you upload it to your store
  • Bulk edit products within Dropified App
  • Easy access to vendor ratings
  • Filter by AliExpress top sellers
  • The ability to import products from over 30 product sources (Amazon, eBay,etc.)
  • Product boards for product research
  • Bulk edit existing products in your Shopify store
  • Ability to add multiple suppliers for each product
  • More than one option to place order (step-by-step, auto, auto shipping, order all)
  • Filter orders by country and product
  • Advanced variant mapping
  • Pinterest sorter tool
  • Products feed for creating dynamic product ads in Facebook
  • Two Built in image editors for modifying product images
  • Manage multiple Shopify stores in one interface
  • NEW: Profit Dashboard
  • NEW: Zapier Integration
  • NEW: Unlimited High-Speed Captcha Solver

Let’s talk about saving business owners money, because the math of revenue versus profitability in e-commerce business relies on keeping costs down.  Did you know:

  • Once you grow your store past 500 orders per month (or about 17 orders per day) the Dropified App is far less expensive than Oberlo?
  • Adding sub users in Oberlo is EXPENSIVE. You’ll have to pay about $80 per month.  In our Dropified Elite plan, you can add sub users without any additional costs.

In our resource library, we’ve provided a chart that compares features for the convenience of e-commerce business owners, who want to compare Oberlo to Dropified, in an easy reference chart.

We hope that helps to clear the air, when it comes to some of the negative press hurled our direction from Oberlo.  We’ve created something awesome over here at Dropified, and we’re proud of the thousands of e-commerce success stories we’ve contributed to, and the positive entrepreneurial community we have.

Our focus is on our members and providing innovative new software tools that help our customers achieve their revenue goals.  That’s why we’re growing so quickly, because we remember who our customer is and what they want to achieve.  And we want every e-commerce business, to win.

7 thoughts on “Dropified vs Oberlo: Comparison Table

  1. Avatar
    jon says:

    Sounds great dropshipping from all these other sources but can’t really scale it much because no automation is available except for aliexpress.

    • Avatar
      Chase Bowers says:

      Hi Jon 🙂 Great point. You can’t scale the order processing with these but several users still use these other platforms for various reasons or use VAs to help with order fulfillment. We’re hoping to increase the number of stores that have automated order processing more and more.

  2. Avatar
    Paul H says:

    Hi Chase, it’s early days for me (17 to be exact), but I have to say, Shopified has been instrumental in the successful launch of my ecommerce store. I have lots of work to do, but thankfully a large amount of that work is easy thanks to Shopified!

    It’s funny really, I’ve always looked at marketing and sales pitches for software in the past and thought not for me. I never wanted to be smothered in css or php or even html. Shopified with Shopify is just amazing!

    I want to personally thank you for the opportunity you’ve give myself an so many other entrepreneurs, your name goes on a very short list of people who have changed my life!

    Please do check out my store. I’d highly revire any feedback you’re kind enough to provide.

    I have just one question…

    If things work out for me and my store, will you accept your invitation to my giving thanks party?

    Best wishes man…

    P.S It’s not even close! ?

  3. Avatar
    Franck says:

    Hi could you tell me when Dashboard of Revenue & Profits will be available? To my mind it IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE FIGURES !!!
    If yes it is the main reason i will choose Dropified !

    Thanks 😉

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