Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

With so many exciting products to choose from on AliExpress, you are going to want to create dropified boards to organize them during your product research.. We thought of that too.

In this tutorial, we share how easy it is to create boards, and provide some advice for organizing your products by category niche (it's a real time saver for Members who have multiple e-commerce stores).

Simply log into AliExpress, and use the Google Chrome Dropified browser extension, and start selecting products your customers will love. When you first get started collecting products, they will appear in one group, under the Not Connected tab. If you have already set up your boards, each product will have a shortcut button (board) that provides a drop down list; simply choose the board you want to allocate the product to.

Looking for a faster way to sort your products into designated boards? You can use the select all feature, or check the individual boxes, then use the drop down menu under selected items, to add item to the board you choose, in one bulk action. No copying or pasting URLs, no complications, and in no time you will build an organized library of products you can add to your e-commerce website.