Add Existing Shopify Products to Dropified

add existing shopify products to dropified

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

What if you already have products in your e-commerce store, that you didn’t add through AliExpress but you want to add existing shopify products to dropified? While most of our members migrate to importing products exclusively through AliExpress, you may have some high-volume products that you want to retain in your store.

Navigate to your Orders page on the Dropified dashboard. Any products that are external to AliExpress, will be labeled as Not Tracked (indicated in yellow) to help you identify them (and no supplier information will be available in the Dropified app for the product). If the product is already connected through AliExpress, it will be indicated in blue, with a drop down menu of options for order fulfillment and shipping, and complete supplier information.

Copy and paste the product name, into AliExpress to find the vendor.

Choose the product in AliExpress (you may opt to filter by ePacket eligibility), and click on your Dropified browser extension, and choose save for later, then view in Dropified. That will pull up the edit window for the product, so that you can select featured imaged, and edit price and description fields.

Click on the connections tab, and add the admin product link from your Shopify store to the field indicated. To get the correct link, you’ll need to open your Shopify store and search for the product in your dashboard. Once you find it, click once to select it, and copy and paste the admin product link into Dropified. Once you have pasted the link, save it, and you will get a notification that the product has been added successfully in Dropified (refresh the page to double check).

In the connections tab for the product, you will see a variance mapping (bottom right) shortcut. If the product has a number of variants (such as color or designs), return to AliExpress and hover over the correct image for the product you have added.

Copy and paste the variant into the AliExpress field, then save. The product should appear as connected to Dropified, and the specific variant information will be displayed for you, as well as the supplier information, order ID and additional options, under the place order drop down menu.

This tutorial also includes tools and options for order fulfillment, and one-click shortcuts. Remember to edit the telephone number used for order fulfillment (your own telephone number or the customers if preferred and provided).

Learn how to add notes to the supplier (i.e., do not include wholesale invoice in shipment) and customize your options in this tutorial.

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