Amazon eCommerce: Discover 2 Powerful Strategies To Successfully Use Amazon In Your eCommerce Business

amazon ecommerce

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Michael Maher Gives The Inside Scoop On Amazon eCommerce Strategies

amazon ecommerce

Michael Maher is a musician turned business owner. Yes, he once dreamed of being a rockstar, dropping out of college at one point to pursue band life, but failed. After going back and finishing college he felt directionless. Then he started working his way up in Starbucks towards a role that was ultimately unfulfilling and when he arrived in that role, he had an epiphany; he hated it. 

So he decided to get out. He used his knowledge of selling music gear on ebay and the guide of a mentor to launch his own eCommerce business! He made a $2k investment and began growing his business on ebay. After nurturing this burgeoning company for a year, he took a leap of faith. He quit his job at Starbucks and started down the path of entrepreneurship.

He launched an Amazon eCommerce business and developed a multi-channel strategy, with Amazon being the most dominant. Amidst double digit growth for 6 straight years and a peak of almost $400k in sales, something was still missing. Eventually, circumstances brought him to a crossroads and he decided to take another leap of faith and pivot the business. He went from selling to helping other businesses sell on Amazon using his tried and true Amazon eCommerce strategies.

Now, he runs his own Amazon Managed Services Agency. He translates your brand story into highly engaging product listings and artfully leverages Amazon's Advertising Platform to insert your brand into the conversations consumers are having with them.

He routinely manages 6 figure ad spend on AAP, launches new brands, achieves 1st page search results, and reinstates suspended accounts. Be it taking a Vendor account from $0 to $21k in POs or taking a Seller account down 50% to up 10% YOY (in 60 days), he is a committed problem solver.


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