Increase eCommerce Sales : 3 Concepts To Implement Right Now

eCommerce Concepts To Increase Sales

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Mike Weiss Gives The Inside Scoop On 3 Concepts That Increase eCommerce Sales

Concepts To Increase eCommerce Sales

Mike Weiss is the Chief Community Officer of Dropified LLC with the purpose and mission to help educate and serve our clients and communicate the power of Dropified's Platform along with the powerful strategies of e-commerce thought and business leaders.

Prior to Dropified, over the past 20 years, Mike has helped many companies financial, online safety, telecommunications, health and e-commerce spaces with his strategy of story-telling to help these companies become major influencers, trend-setters and fiscal giants in their respective markets. With over 200 presentations in just 2 years, Mike has taken this concept to help companies reach their customers on a deeper, more transparent and trustworthy level, creating longer client lifespans, more referral-based traffic and effective product strategy to help produce graduated sales cycles for higher profits per client….all because of the power of Story.

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