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What kind of customer is a Dropified customer? A smart one and here’s why… When it comes to deciding on new products to sell, smart users utilize Dropified’s Product Wish Boards to supercharge their product research. Product Boards are like boards in Pinterest where you can organize your research for different niches. You can easily add hundreds of products to Dropified and organize them all into boards of your chosen niches. This make it easier to visualize your potential products and decide on which ones you want to add to your store. See this awesome feature in action here: To create your own product boards for research, you simply go to, and then:
  • Find the products in AliExpress you want to save
  • Open up the Dropified extension and
  • Click the “Save For Later” button
Once you’ve saved a number of products, you can find them inside your Dropified App app for review. Here’s How:
  • Go to the Products > All Products > Not Connected tab
  • Click on the Board button on the product, then select the Board name you wish to add it to
  • If you don’t have a board yet, you can select “Add New Board” to create a new board
  • And if you want to add multiple products to the same board, select each product in the same category in niche that you want to add, then click Board, then select the Board or create a new one.
  • To review your boards, simply go to Products > Boards and you’ll be able to see all the board you created, you’ll be able to create new ones, and you can review all the products in each board.
Yes, it’s that easy to create and add products to your product research board. Then, for any products you want to sell, simply click “Send To Shopify” on each product selected and they’ll appear in your store. These are really great for organizing your product research and making it easy to find products you were interested in but weren’t ready to sell just yet. Product Boards are available on ALL Dropified plans, so if you’ve got a lot of products you wanted to review, then make sure you start using this feature today. Happy Selling The Team @ Dropified

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