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What kind of customer is a Dropified customer? A smart one and here’s why… There are many users that have started their own Shopify Stores prior to automating the process by using Dropified. As a result, they need to sync their existing store products with their Dropified App. Smart Dropified users are able to quickly and easily able to connect their existing products… …giving the Dropified App the ability to fulfill their products moving forward. See exactly how to connect existing Shopify store products with Dropified here: Yes, it’s really quick and easy to sync products over. You simply follow these easy steps (refer back to the video above where we visually walk you through the process if needed):
  • Find the original product listing on AliExpress
  • Click on the Dropified Icon near your browser bar
  • Select the store you want the product connected to in the drop down
  • Click “Save For Later”
  • Then click “View In Dropifed App”
  • When the product opens up in the Dropified App, Click the Connections tab
  • Then click the blue “Connect To Shopify” button under the Shopify Products section
  • After you do that, you’ll get a popup that says “Select Products”.
  • Once there, find the new product you want connected – select it – and just like that, the product is now connected in your Dropified App.
Now, in order to make sure your product fulfills correctly, you will need to set up your Variant Mapping. To do that:
  • Click on the “Variant Mapping” button on the product you just connected.
  • A new page will open up displaying all of the variants available.
  • From there, you simple make sure that the variant name listed for Shopify matches the variant name in AliExpress.
  • If they do not match exactly, click on the “Change” button for that variant and a popup with variant names will pop up.
  • Select the correct AliExpress variant name, and you’re all set.
Don’t let the seemingly large number of steps above worry you – this is really easy to do and it only needs to be done once. We made it as simple as possible so that you would no longer have to re-setup your products from scratch. After that, you’re all set to have the Dropified App take over and automate the product fulfillment from here, allowing you to focus on growing your business. This feature is available on ALL Dropified plans, so if you’ve got existing products on a Shopify store that are not yet connected to your Dropified App… …be sure to log into Dropified today and connect them right away so you can start selling them and automate your fulfillment today! Happy Selling The Team @ Dropified

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