Dropified Now Integrates Directly With Alibaba

One of the hardest parts of selling products online is having to deal with sellers and resellers… 

Which leads to huge lead times and shipping times that affect customers wanting to order from you.

And even if you can get access to a large wholesaler…

They often have such high Minimum Order Quantities that it makes it impossible to test a product before having to order 1000+ of it in inventory. 

All of these headaches can now be a thing of the past…

Alibaba is the TRUE wholesaler marketplace….In fact it's the worlds largest. 

The only problem has been that most wholesalers on Alibaba have a Minimum Order Quantity… 

Until NOW….

Dropified has partnered with Alibaba to allow millions of products/ vendors to dropship true wholesale products literally one at a time. (Now you won’t have to commit to 1000+ in inventory just to test if a product will sell.)

alibaba integrates with dropified

Not only can you offer multiple shipping options (including air freight), you will be able to optimize the inventory and last mile delivery. 

And soon you'll be able to allocate top-selling items to local warehouses around the world to achieve incredible domestic shipping times and rates!

With Dropified & Alibaba's new partnership, you can work with curated suppliers with consistent inventory from manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters from 200+ countries. 

Oh and you'll even be able to private label a lot of these products in the next phase. 

With Dropified, you will be digitally & systematically integrated with Alibaba to provide the best user experience. 

And it’s as easy as 3 clicks: 

So how exactly does this integration with Alibaba work? 

With Dropified you can use our 1-click add to store feature to painlessly add products from Alibaba directly to your e-commerce store. 

Import all the product titles, descriptions and images so you can publish to your site and start selling right away.

And once orders start rolling in you can quickly and easily fulfill all your dropshipping orders from Alibaba with Dropified’s bulk fulfillment features.

All of this is thanks to an advanced API (Application Programming Interface) that connects Dropified directly with Alibaba. So the two systems talk to each other and you can easily fulfill all your dropshipping needs in a few simple clicks. 

Here’s Some Of Our Powerhouse Features That Allow You To Automate Your Dropshipping Business With Alibaba

Add Products With 1 Click

Find Hot Selling “Dropship-able” products on Alibaba and instantly add them to your store so you have high converting, great products to sell.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Fulfill as many orders as you can sell from as many Alibaba Vendors as you want, in seconds without You or YOUR staff EVER touching the product! No more copy and paste nightmares when setting up order details in Alibaba. Save time, increase your accuracy, and avoid mistakes by automating the order details with Dropified.

Product Customization

You don’t want your store to look like every other e-commerce shop out there right? That’s why customizing your product images with your own logo, and descriptions helps create a brand identity that sells to online shoppers.

Easy Multi-Vendor Per Product

If you're dealing with products that require multiple variants, but using different suppliers to fulfill them all you're in luck! Dropified helps you map multiple vendors to a single product and set them up as different variants (size, color, style) so that you never miss a sale.

Create Unique Product Bundles

Really stand out from the crowd by creating your own product bundles quickly and easily. Dropified lets you get as creative as you want and seamlessly fulfills all the products in the various bundles you create, even if multiple Alibaba vendors are involved.

Dropified's Automated Process Has Made It Really Easy For You To Automatically Process Bulk Purchases As You Grow…

And through this partnership with Alibaba, we can not only give you power, selection, quality and speed…

But also constantly be improving and optimizing your experience.

If you want to have vetted suppliers…true wholesalers…

Get rid of Minimum Order Quantities so you can test products fast…

And take control of the lead/shipping times of your customers orders…

Experience all of that for yourself with Dropified and Alibaba’s partnership.

Here at Dropified we are continually improving in order to provide you with the highest-quality products for your e-commerce store. 

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