Dropified Orders Audit Tool

dropified orders audit tool

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

We’ve created a Dropified Orders Audit Tool for our Members, that allows you to monitor wholesale orders, to make sure that there were no issues. As the Dropified App is not a direct API (it is web browser automated for ease of use), connection disruptions or software bugs, can create periodic issues. To address that, Dropified has created the Orders Audit Tool for our members.

Simply log in to AliExpress, and right-click on the Dropified Chrome extension, and select Orders Audit, and choose from three audit features. The first checks for duplicate orders (orders can replicate if you click confirm more than once in AliExpress).

Choose a date range for duplicate orders, and then hit the APPLY button to generate a report page. Select the order status (awaiting payment to the vendor or finished) to filter your results. Click continue audit and the page will load your report, organized by product sets, at which time you can cancel any duplicate orders by clicking on the live order link (red).

Use the drop down menu to choose a reason for cancellation, and the item will be removed from your order. The Order Audit tool also allows you to quickly identify which products have been successfully linked from AliExpress to your store (indicated in green). Learn more in our tutorial.

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