Start Your First E-commerce Shop with Free Training: The Dropified 60-Day Challenge

If owning a small business has been a long-time dream, but you haven’t had the right opportunity to create your own side-gig or part-time business, we want you to learn more about e-commerce.

We have a great free opportunity for you to learn everything there is to know about drop shipping; it’s called the Dropified 60-Day Challenge.

Did you know that for less than $500 in start-up costs, you can build your own Shopify, Woocommerce, or CommerceHQ store, and start reselling new products from manufacturers in the United States and China?

The world’s largest e-commerce wholesale site has thousands of vendors and unique products that you can sell on your independent retail site.

For a healthy profit.

In fact, the wholesale prices available through AliExpress are going to help you understand how much mark-up the average consumer pays on goods that are sourced from American and Chinese manufacturers.

Start by checking out some of the products on AliExpress to see what we mean (and don’t be surprised if you find a few products you’ve already seen in big box stores, for a lot more money).

Now you are probably thinking that it sounds “too good to be true” but consumer spending is rapidly shifting from malls and brick and mortar stores, to e-commerce.

Think about the popularity of shopping sites like Amazon or eBay.  You could climb in your car and spend hours fighting traffic, crowds of people and shopping carts with wobbly wheels (we hate those), or you could simplify your purchase experience by finding what you want online.

Which is definitely a preference for consumers, who want to find bargains, evaluate different unique gifts and trending technology, pet care or household items on their smartphone or desktop at home. 

It makes sense. 

Consumers save time and money, when they shop online, and with a keen eye for trending products and some administrative and customer service time, you can run your own independent e-commerce shop, and start earning revenues right away.

What Kind of Skills Are Required to Run an E-Commerce Store?

Do you need to have a Master of Business Administration or a degree in marketing, or advanced graphic design skills to run your first Shopify, Woocommerce or CommerceHQ store?

Not really.

In fact, most of the highest revenue earning stores we know were started with one simple attribute; a personal drive to create a profitable side (and possibly full-time) small business income.

It is the passion and drive that creates so many e-commerce success stories.  For some, success means growing their business to provide extra money for savings, or to tackle personal debt.

For others, it starts as a vision to create the balance and satisfaction in life that comes with being self-employed; and being able to prioritize family time with a work-from-home opportunity.

Here are some of the talents and core skills you’ll need to be able to set-up your first e-commerce store:

  • A natural instinct for trending products that everyone will want to buy (because you love online shopping too!)
  • A comfort level working with cloud-software like our Dropified e-commerce app.
  • A strong dedication to providing good customer service.
  • The ability to seek out and learn new methods of marketing and sales promotions that will help you increase traffic to your store (and sales).

If you are thinking that every successful store owner began by working in marketing and advertising first, you’d be wrong. 

With so many affordable online learning opportunities (and free training in our Dropified 60-Day Challenge) you can learn everything you need to know about setting up and running your first drop shipping store.

$50,000 in Prizes Including a Grand Prize Entrepreneur Bundle with an Apple MacBook

Now you’re talking, right? 

Not only is Dropified providing 60 full days of free e-commerce training, but we’ll also be giving away some amazing prizes that you will qualify for, simply by participating in our special 60-Day Challenge. We like to keep it fun, and help you stay focused and motivated to make your dream of owning an e-commerce drop shipping business a reality!

And what better way to challenge yourself to dive in and start selling, than the chance to win cash and merchandise rewards! Here are a few of the categories we will be awarding prizes for:

  • The first confirmed sale on a new e-commerce store by a participant.
  • Confirmed >$100 in sales.
  • Confirmed >$1,000 in sales
  • Confirmed >$10,000 in sales
  • Confirmed >$100,000 in sales
  • Most Successful Team of Stores (TBA Group Challenges)
  • Most Creative Advertising and Promotional campaigns.

Participants in our Dropified 60-Day Challenge will also receive extra entries for inviting family and friends to participate in our event!

Get your unique URL in your welcome email, and start sharing it on social to win more entries. But don’t stop there… seriously invite your family and friends to join you.

We don’t mean to make it “all competitive” but doing our Dropified 60-Day Challenge with a friend makes it even more fun. 

Who will make it through the entire training? 

Who is going to win a prize (or two) for participating, and better yet, who is going to be off to an AMAZING start with their new e-commerce business?

Ready to Learn How to Do It?  Sign Up for Our Free Dropified 60-Day Challenge

As a leading e-commerce SaaS solution provider, we do more than provide amazing software to make running a store easier; we actively work with our members through our support and free training resources, to help everyone scale and become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

Think of our Dropified 60-Day Challenge as a ‘crash course’ and daily step-by-step coaching, to help you launch your first e-commerce store. 

Maybe you already have a shop, but you aren’t sure how to grow your website traffic, or do effective customer recruitment for your store? 

Wherever you are at in terms of experience, our team is here to teach you all the secret methods that power sellers use to create HUGE revenues from products on AliExpress.

Do you have 60-days to create a new low-cost side-gig with huge revenue potential? 

Drop shipping is the ultimate side-gig and we have personally watched thousands of our Dropified members develop lucrative, high-profit stores, without the cost of retail store overhead, inventory purchasing and other expenses.

All you need is a good laptop (or desktop) computer, some time to learn and participate in our daily training modules, and a desire to create this income opportunity for yourself.

Be our next e-commerce success story and join us for our first comprehensive Dropified 60-Day Challenge for free training, coaching and expert insights from our team of e-commerce professionals.

Yes, you can make it happen (you just need someone to show you how to do it).   

Get started today by registering for our Dropified 60-Day Challenge and learn how to build, optimize, and promote your new e-commerce store like a power seller.

Make it happen this Fall, with Dropified!

11 thoughts on “Start Your First E-commerce Shop with Free Training: The Dropified 60-Day Challenge

  1. blank
    Moon says:

    Curious… But where does Curious… But where does the $500 start up costs come in at? Free training… Drop shipping =no inventory… It’s it the cost of the software?

    • blank
      Dropified says:

      Thank you for leaving a comment. That is an estimated cost of purchasing an e-commerce platform (like Shopified), a premium theme, plug-in’s and apps that you may wish to install, including email marketing software (i.e., MailChimp).

  2. blank
    Georgia Banks says:

    I signed up for a free 60-day challenge on a Dropified website now my sig in information do not work and also there’s pricing. What’s up with that?

    • blank
      Kevin says:

      Hi Georgia,
      If you already registered for the 60 Day Challenge, you can login from here

      The Challenge is completely free to join and participate in, but Dropified app requires a separate subscription and has a monthly service charge.

      You don’t need to subscribe to Dropified app to join and learn in the Challenge, but Dropified app is a very helpful tool to help with automating your drop shipping business, and we do have a 14 day free trial for the app.

      Hope that makes sense.

    • blank
      Kevin says:

      Hi Jesse,

      The training is completely free, and we’ll go over several options like platform, tools, etc that are free and paid to help you setup your eCom store.

      Join the Challenge to learn more about that 🙂

  3. blank
    G P says:

    I am completely amazed with the value you offer in the challenge. All for free!

    The course itself would easily go for $6000 a year with lots of buyers. But yes, you will make way more money offering it for free and everyone will be happy. 🙂 You guys are clever,smart and kind all at the same time.
    I just blew $100 on facebook ads and asked for a refund from another app on Shopify because they wanted me to spend that money just to ask for a refund. Their crappy training costs nearly $700 ($347 a month for 2 months) Don’t feel it right to name that app as they paid back my $347. Interestingly, this app has way more ratings than dropify and a higher rating too (4.9).

    I wish I knew about this challenge earlier – would not have wasted time or money elsewhere.

    I am challenging myself to finish this in a week instead of 60 days!

    • blank
      Kevin says:

      Hi Jenny 👋

      If you’re already enrolled in the Challenge, you have until April 7 to go through and complete it.
      You can subscribe to Dropified after the training if you want. Up to you 🙂

  4. blank
    TyTruvmahn Smith says:

    I am on a Fixed Income program with SSA Benefits. Right now,I have exactly $485.00 that I have saved to open up my own eCOM online store.I would like info on how soon can I make money once this eCom store is up and running “Making $$$ Money”,not projective hopes and unrealistic promises.Please reply;

    • blank
      Kevin says:

      The time that it takes to start making money in your dropshipping business can vary based on many different factors such as store type, store name, niche, product, ad copy, ad campaign, ad spend, etc.

      We do cover all of this in the Dropified Academy training which is made available to all Dropified customers.

      You can get started with a 14-day free trial of Dropified by registering here

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