Filter Products Eligible for ePacket Shipping

filter products eligible for epacket shipping

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 3 Minutes

For light products, the ePacket shipping option is available from many vendors in AliExpress. The ePacket option was originally introduced to American vendors in 2011, which allowed e-commerce business owners to provide faster delivery, with lower shipping costs.

While not available for every product, it is quickly becoming the norm for competitive overseas wholesalers, and provides business owners with better margins, and customer service opportunities, allowing the consumer to receive free tracking updates through EMS or USPS.

Another protection this service offers to e-commerce shop owners, is that undeliverable mail is automatically returned, eliminating the problem of tracking delivery for refund to customers.

Rather than having to manually calculate whether the good is eligible for ePacket shipping, we’ve made it easy for our members in AliExpress. You will see a green overlay notation at the top left of the product image to identify them for you.

You can also filter your product search by category, to exclude any items that are not eligible for ePacket drop-shipping services.

Some wholesalers offer ePacket shipping at no charge, but if there is an upcharge for the service, that per-item fee is also indicated in AliExpress, to allow our members to adjust the retail price accordingly.

To filter AliExpress products for ePacket shipping:

  • Install the Dropified Chrome extension
  • Go to AliExpress. Do a search for products you want to sell.
  • By default, the Dropified Chrome extension is set to add a green border to all products that support ePacket shipping. 
    • Using the Chrome extension also allows you other options.
  • To access other options, click on the Chrome extension at the top of your browser while still in the search results.
  • A window will drop down allowing you to select your search preferences.
  • Click “Hide Products Without ePacket” to hide products that do not support ePacket shipping.

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