Global Product Settings Configuration

global product settings configuration

Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Time: 7 Minutes

Dropified comes with default settings, that you can apply globally to all products displayed in your store. In your Dropified dashboard, click on the Stores section to get started. Review the default settings or edit them, to adjust price markup, price cents value, compare-at price (percentage of wholesale markup), default weight units (pounds, kilograms, ounces or grams) fixed weight details and more. Examples are provided on-page to help you quick-check your sell margins.

If you wish to write and customize all the product descriptions on your website, you can use the default product description drop down menu, to select empty, or choose from original (vendor source description), simplified or custom options. You can adjust the product visibility features in this section, to either display the product for sale immediately after adding it to your store, or hide the product until you manually change the individual product to publish on your store. This is a valuable tool to work ahead and queue products for seasonal merchandise.

In the order section, you can assign your own telephone number when you place an auto order from AliExpress. This allows the wholesale vendor to contact you directly (instead of your customer) if there are any delays or problems with the order. Type in ‘no invoice’ in the custom note to supplier field, to ensure that the AliExpress vendor does not include the cost and shipment details inside the package to your customer. You can also expand on your instructions to the supplier for clarity, i.e., “This is a drop shipping order, please do not include the invoice with the product”. Interested in only featuring products that are eligible for ePacket delivery? Check the indicated box. After customizing your settings, Dropified will apply your member preferences to each order added from AliExpress.

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