How Do You Find The Best Products To Dropship?

How Do You Find The Best Products To Dropship?

One of the biggest questions we get when it comes to getting started with dropshipping is…

…”How do you find the best products to dropship?”

As much as we’d love to be able to give a big list of the best products to sell…

…it wouldn’t really help you at all.


Because that would mean that everyone would then go out and try to sell the same products, and those products would then become oversaturated with sellers…

…and they’d stop being the best products to sell.

Not only that, just because a product could be a good seller, doesn’t mean that you’d be able to sell it well.

Many times, the reason a product sells well is that the person selling the item is good at doing a few things like:

  • Taking their own pictures of the product
  • Making videos demonstrating the product well
  • Writing really good, unique descriptions for the product
  • Knowing how to target their ideal buyer really well and selling a lot to them
  • Creating unique bundles of products for this one product that no one else offers

So, rather than handing you a list of potential products that sell well…

…I’ll give you some criteria for choosing the best products for you and your goals.

Here’s the criteria we give new drop shippers when they ask. Look for products that:

  • Can Be Sold With Enough Margin To Be Able To Scale Ads
  • Are Unique / That Can’t Be Found Easily Elsewhere
  • Solve Some Kind Of Problem
  • Smaller And Are Easily Shipped

Let’s look at each one of these criteria a little more.

Can Be Sold With Enough Margin To Be Able To Scale Ads

If there is too little margin, then you won’t have enough money to put back into your ads to drive more traffic and scale quickly.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should avoid selling low margin products, because they do have their place.

For example, if it’s a popular product that brings in a lot of buyers and you are confident that once they are in your store, they will buy more products that do have a lot of margin, then these low price products could be a great loss-leader.

Another benefit of low margin products is if they make a good item to bundle with others that adds to a higher perceived value for the bundle, then that could also be a good use for products like that.

However, if the low-margin products are not used in that fashion, they may not be worth it to add to your store for now.

Are Unique / That Can’t Be Found Easily Elsewhere

Another great criteria to use is looking for products that are unique and/or are not readily or easily found elsewhere.

How many times have you searched for a products, thought it was cool, but the first thing you did was search for it on Amazon or eBay to see if you could get it quicker and cheaper than the eCom store you originally found it on.

Now, if doing a search didn’t turn up anything on Amazon, and I really liked the product, I’d be way more likely to buy it from your store.

Another option is to create a unique product bundle.

As I mentioned in the point above, putting several related products together in a bundle is a great way to not only sell more products and make more money per sale, but it’s also a great way to make your store and your products unique.

That way you don’t look like every other eCom store out there selling the same products for the same price. You will stand out from the other sellers and make more money.

Solve Some Kind Of Problem

Outside of impulse buys, most people are searching for products that solve a particular problem they have.

Whether it’s buying sprays to keep pests away while they camp…

…or it’s a bundle of camping supplies that they need for their next trip, people are buying to help solve these problems.

What are some of the biggest “pain points” or “problems” people in the niche you are serving have that a product of yours can help solve?

Once you answer questions like that, product ideas will begin popping up all around you.

The last criteria is something that can seem obvious, but that you have to pay attention to or it can eat up your margin quickly. That criteria is…

Smaller And Are More Easily Shipped

The fact is, it’s cheaper to ship smaller packages.

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider bigger products that sell well. It just means you have to factor in the shipping costs that come from larger and/or heavier products.

You need to look at your profit calculations to make sure that the higher shipping costs don’t cause you to lose money or cut deep into your margins so that it’s no longer worth selling.

Many drop-shipping apps like the Dropified App calculate all of this automatically so that you can review your potential profit margin for each item and make a more informed decision on selling certain items or not.

If there is a larger product that you want to sell, but that has low margins, you should consider bundling it with other products that are related to it.

Dropshipping tools like Dropified make creating and fulfilling product bundles easy and hands-free. You select the products in the bundle and Dropified does the rest. No other drop ship tool on the market makes fulfilling product bundles as easy as they do.

In the end, finding the right products for you is finding your own products your own unique way. The criteria above are simple guideposts to get started.

As you go through the process and begin finding your own products, you will begin to develop your own process for finding winning products that sell well and make you good money.

And when you find those winning products, the Dropified App will be here to help you automate your entire dropshipping business from A to Z.

And if you ever find yourself stuck, we’ve got in-depth training for any level you’re at (including detailed training on how to find the right products for you) and we have a great support team ready to help you get unstuck.

Even better, you can try the Dropified App and all of or training for a full 14 days for free.

So if you’re ready to get started, grab your free 14 day free trial right now:

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